Go to the highest duoyun Academy to feel the beauty of the oldest Chinese characters

How to let the cold “oracle bone” live up, move up?On February 12, the Shanghai flagship store of Duoyun Academy, the highest bookstore in China, ushered in a special calligraphy activity: renowned calligrapher Xu Mei came here to teach children to write oracle bones on the spot.On the scene, “Cloud Travel — Xu Mei (Xuecun) Chinese Calligraphy Creative Exhibition” is also being presented.Ancient Chinese character oracle-bone inscriptions become the first exhibition of the Lunar New Year at duoyun Academy flagship store.The exhibition attracts more people to experience the contemporary interpretation of Traditional Chinese culture.The beauty of Chinese characters comes from nature.The art of writing Chinese characters, namely calligraphy, has a long history.Chinese culture is all about aesthetics, embodied in the beauty of Chinese characters and calligraphy.Artist Xu Mei (Xuecun) has devoted herself to the study of calligraphy on oracle bone inscriptions for many years, and has tried to interpret the beauty of pictographs on Oracle bones with the concept of contemporary art.The exhibition is sponsored by Century Cloud and undertaken by Shanghai Language and Writing Workers’ Association and Shanghai Calligrapher’s Youth Committee.Professor liu Mingang of Shanghai Normal University and executive Vice President of Shanghai Language and Writing Workers Association served as the academic host, and Dong Yi served as the curator, showing the exquisite works of Xu Mei (Xuecun) in the creative process of Chinese calligraphy.The exhibition site is full of ancient and new ideas.Xu mei said that the exhibition was named “Cloud Line”, which echoes the character “Walk” on the Oracle bone script, indicating that the artist is constantly traveling between the ancient and the modern, walking in the inheritance and innovation, and has a long way to go.Liu Mingang, academic director, said oracle bones are the world’s only surviving original characters, with a history of more than 3,000 years and rich cultural accumulation.”How to use modern artistic language and expression form, not only to reveal the beauty of ancient characters, but also show the cultural mystery contained therein, is a brand new field.”In Liu Mingang’s view, Xu Mei’s works open up new frontiers and show a new world of art.How to reinsert the beauty of Chinese characters into the lives of contemporary people?In the view of the industry, ancient characters should be transformed from mere reading to the interpretation, interpretation and dissemination of Chinese culture, and even combined with the most cutting-edge digital technology, to attract and drive more young people to experience, participate in and love.This is the proposition of The Times proposed by all philologists and artists, and also the significance and value of “Cloud Travel — Xu Mei’s Creative Exhibition of Chinese Calligraphy”.Xu Mei (left) accepted the letter of appointment from Shutong Liu (right), founder of The Cloud Home, as the chief consultant of Traditional Chinese studies.It is worth mentioning that artist Xu Mei’s “Tiger Fortune picture”, which combines the Chinese zodiac and the meaning of fortune, is also on display for the first exhibition of the Lunar New Year.Editor: Li Junna Author: Li Junna Text editor: Li Junna Picture editor: Da Xi

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