Tesla hits wall for $200,000 repair?Why are repairs so expensive?

There was an incident recently exposed on the Internet where the rear of a Tesla Model Y crashed into a wall.The insurance company also took photos, but the insurance company estimated that the repair cost would be 200,000 yuan, and thought the crash was very serious.But the owner did not think so, because from the photos posted, the rear of the car has a certain degree of damage, but it is not as serious as imagined, and the price of the new car is only 280,000 yuan, the repair price is 200,000 yuan.So why is the Tesla Model Y so expensive to repair?Of course, it has yet to be verified whether the authenticity of this event and the follow-up will really require a repair price as high as 200,000 yuan.However, some Tesla owners have complained about the high price of tesla maintenance.Even if it is just a simple sheet metal, the price is usually tens of thousands of yuan.So why a pure electric car like tesla is so expensive to maintain, we can only make simple guesses.First of all, Tesla’s after-sales model is not self-supporting.”As of September 14, 2020, there are 45 Tesla service centers nationwide, all of which are directly operated by Tesla.Only carry out the maintenance of “minor faults” not caused by accidents, such as system adjustment and four-wheel positioning;In addition, we have cooperated with 84 automobile maintenance service enterprises to set up stamping injection center to perform vehicle appearance repair, maintain vehicle functionality and safety, and extend the service life of vehicles.”It is obvious that Tesla outsources the maintenance. The parts are provided by Tesla, and the maintenance factory earns hourly fees. Maybe this way increases the maintenance cost of Tesla.Secondly, the manufacturing difficulty of Tesla’s body craft itself is great, which increases the difficulty of maintenance.The Tesla Model 3, for example, has a hybrid steel and aluminum body with more than 50% high-strength steel.Conventional welding techniques are no longer enough to combine materials of different strengths and melting points.On the white body of Model 3, many innovative joint processes are used, including STUD STUD welding, SPR self-piercing riveting, RSW resistance spot welding, etc.For the Model Y, Tesla has gone beyond conventional thinking and adopted a one-piece die-casting process, which has reduced the number of parts in the rear body from 70 to four, and will further reduce it to one.Such body manufacturing, is bound to increase the difficulty of subsequent maintenance.Third, for a pure electric vehicle like Tesla, its body structure is bound to bring relatively high maintenance costs.The most expensive part of the Tesla, the most expensive part of the Tesla, is in the chassis.The front and rear motors, the batteries laid flat on the chassis, are very expensive components.If there is a collision, the most convenient way is to replace, not repair.As a pure electric car, just like the initial emergence of smart phones, the price is higher, and the maintenance cost is higher.Costs will only come down if more automakers get involved in the production of pure electric vehicles.Tesla is the same, also only larger production, more popular, maintenance prices can really come down.

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