This week will be cloudy with showers and occasional fog today and the next morning and evening

The weather of these two days is really pleasant, do you feel the hot sunny spring girl?The sun is still on line today, the temperature is hot and sunny, the highest temperature in the city today can reach 23 degrees.But this evening around the city to turn cloudy showers.Tomorrow the city is still mainly cloudy, the temperature tomorrow 13-19 degrees.Zhoushan coastal sea: south wind 5-6 today, the evening from the northeast wind 5-6 gusts 7.East to southeast force 5-6 tomorrow.Green Proposal Weekly Weather Forecast This week cloudy and showers alternating between today and the day after tomorrow morning and evening with local fog 17 to 18 there will be a southward wind of Force 9 to northwest wind of force 9 to 10 and moderate precipitation process March 14 (Monday) : cloudy, turning overcast in the afternoon with showers or thunderstorms, some fog at night;13 ~ 23 ℃;Southerly wind 5-6, northeast wind 5-6 gust 7 in the evening.Tuesday, March 15: Cloudy with partial fog in the morning and evening;13 to 19 ℃;East to southeast force 5-6.Wed., March 16: Cloudy, turning cloudy at midnight with occasional showers and morning fog;14 ~ 21 ℃.Southeast winds 5 to 6 gusts 7 strengthening to 6 to 7 gusts 8 overnight.March 17 (Thursday) : Cloudy with showers or thunderstorms, moderate rainfall;15 ~ 18 ℃;Southeast to south winds 6 to 7 gusts 8 strengthening to 7 to 8 gusts 9, turning northwest winds 7 to 8 gusts 9 strengthening to 8 gusts 9 to 10 overnight.Friday, March 18: Rain subsiding to overcast;10 ~ 15 ℃;Nw winds 7 to 8 gusts 9 to north 5 to 6 gusts 7.Sat., March 19: Cloudy to overcast with occasional showers at night;9 ~ 15 ℃;Northwest to north winds 5 to 6 gust 7 strengthened to 6 to 7 gust 8.March 20 (Sunday) : Cloudy with showers;8 ~ 14 ℃;Northeast to east wind force 5-6 gusts force 7 strengthened to force 6-7 gusts force 8.(the original title: “the week forecast this week has served | cloudy and showers and white. Today until the day after tomorrow” local fog in the morning and evening) editor: alyson editor: chapin statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address:

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