Huang Sijing has been named MVP of the 2022 Women’s Basketball World Preliminaries

A total of 12 teams have qualified for the 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup finals.A number of outstanding players emerged during the five-day tournament.Yvonne Anderson was named the tournament’S MVP after helping her team advance to the tournament.Anderson’s 30-point performance for Serbia against Australia was her highest single-game score in the preliminary round of the Women’s Basketball World And a key factor in her MVP award.In three games, Anderson is averaging 22.7 points, 4.3 assists, 5.7 rebounds and two steals for a 22-point average.Huang Sijing, China’s forward, was named the Belgrade Group B MVP at the preliminary round of the Women’s Basketball World Cup.Huang sijing’s athleticism and scoring ability helped China beat Nigeria, Mali and France by averaging 16.3 points, 8.3 rebounds and 6.7 assists per game.Especially in the match between China and France, she showed an all-round performance, scoring 30 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists.She deserves to be named MVP of the tournament.Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Jonkel Jones, a former WNBA MOST Valuable Player, is no doubt about his ability.Jones averaged 25.5 points and 14 rebounds per game in the preliminary round of the Women’s Basketball World Cup.Have to mention is that she in the match against Japan, got the world preliminary match of the highest single game 36 points 23 rebounds, and finally mono led the team to win the reverse, to advance to the tournament.”I missed a lot of free throws,” she said in the interview. “I could have had 10 more.”Belgian forward Emma Meesseman was named MVP of the Washington DC Tournament.In these three qualifiers, Meisman fire on all cylinders, staged all-round performance.She averaged 18 points, 7 rebounds, 5.3 assists, 1.3 steals, 1.7 blocks and shot 100 percent from 3-point range.She recorded a double-double of 15 points and 10 rebounds in Belgium’s game against the United States.She scored 20 points in the team’s win over Russia to earn Belgium a place in the tournament.

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