Jedi reversal Medvedev, 21 crown alone in the tennis world, the god of war Nadal list of small mountains

2022 Australian open men’s singles finals finally finale, nadal against thunder is Mr Medvedev, semi-final rafael nadal beat bailey, if nadal won, will become today’s the only one to get the 21st grand slam tennis player, at the same time to realize double circle grand slam, but medvedev is giant terminator natto rivals,The us open in 2021, in the face of hand Australian open, wimbledon and the French open champion novak djokovic, medvedev 3-0 win total score first career grand slam men’s singles champion, at the Australian open final defeat to druid took revenge, also let the druid 21st crown of broken dreams, the mei always cc pass semi-final elimination, the Australian open finals for the second year in a row, tell from the state,Mr Medvedev went one step further.Opening natto as with forehand to mobilize may always sign, also have the harvest, dmitry medvedev, after a brief, backhand quality came also, the results using the natto backhand net in a row, mei always catch up with 40 flat, natto bottom line taken more oppression may total error, using directly serve score, natto protect hair, times bureau may serve the total return, the result not sure a good time to surf the Internet,Natto twice mei is always out and eventually mei always ACES to accept, 1 1 draw, the third take American, may always have the upper hand, also hit a clap a straight line, but shot immortal ball, natto mei always winners were natto was taken to the online gap, natto positive Internet interception points, then it’s a pity that in the American or lee, natto online short tied,After saving two break points, Natto chipped a beat to serve point.The fourth natto or using the points and may serve consecutive successful, always have to say may always serve quality can indeed, ACE win easily, the fifth mei always hot, straight and backhand play and the back, the bottom line more hard enough, the same zero sealing natto break easily, the sixth inning natto is slash morale points, the backhand and difficult,Mei always serve to get the game point after the third ACES, at the end of the bureau of rafael nadal is tough and mei always hold high pressure ball break, the seventh natto two double fault, mei always moving really fast, natto serve Internet error, again break, the eighth inning natto last-ditch effort may serve total efficiency is surprisingly, natto net to intercept lost again, eventually may always first set 6-2 win.Open the second set, the first bureau of natto and mobilize routine, is to force, but also has the double fault, natto neutral points finally, protect hair, success times bureau may serve total is locked and strong, natto trampoline luck, mei always surf the Internet to pull, then easily serve two points, fast break, the third natto can also serve feeling, forcing may total since the loss increased, it is much pat lee,Natto protect hair again, the fourth natto more motivated than the first, obvious recovery, and the splendid backhand cut out of the break point, mei always ACE after points, it’s a pity that the shoot out, successful break nadal, the fifth mei always through the ball a little bit out, natto neutral points in a row, and the first ACE, zero easily outbreak, the plate of a 4-1 lead.Sixth mui always online interception, ACE package to send, natto a compliment one minute break, the seventh mei always more proactive, backhand straight points, after all points behind, natto serve Internet forehand slash, mei always backhand also came to a big slashes, mei always succeed break, the eighth inning natto forehand to wipe out, mei is always the first double fault, the decrease in the total bureau may serve efficiencyNatto chop the feeling is very good, also have a wonderful tricks with short balls, natto continue to break, ninth natto rebound high pressure cast, forehand also fly, mei always surf the Internet to break points, natto return service on the Internet, may always passive crossing by interception, 40, ping mei always backhand, natto soft ball coming again, after the continuous exchange points, natto duple forehand errors, mei always break success.The tenth bureau can see nadal consumption, a significant impact on the bureau didn’t win, stumbling, results may serve quality back, two people fight to 5, the tenth game natto opportunity lost again, but cut the adhesive is great, may always backhand game point, two people is at the end of the plate biting, or natto hand hard, backhand to match point, eventually serve, scored after natto trumpeting,Department, Mr Medvedev is not soft, round is quite fierce, natto just catch up with being beaten, competition into the tiebreak, dmitry medvedev, interception, natto balls, and pleasing to the eye may always surf the Internet and decisive, in key save out after edge natto, volleys at mei always the net, then through the points, with a score of 7 six strong reversal, mei always two sets in hand.Open the third set, nadal points by mui always backhand forehand winner back, mei always got the very fierce, this bureau to serve on the Internet can be mainly arise, natto is always hard to take a point is may always get to the Internet, it may always have a double fault, forehand lost the opportunity to play, natto forehand also out, may keep ball also embarrassed let down the nets, but two ACES to protect hair, time over, natto and draggedBy Mei zong even catch counterattack, Natto serve online is not afraid, but lost at the end of the game opportunity points, fortunately, natto Angle ACE protection hair.The third set of Mei is a total of zero, the fourth set of Natto or show the advantage of small ball, handling up with ease, but bao hair opportunity volley net, or forehand attack a hammer, plate points two even.Fifth mei always excellent backhand cross, back directly, natto is shoot straight line net, still serve advantage let mei total victory, sixth nadal lost two record is taken, and mei always the counter-attack forehand through, hand to break points put short ball stops nadal, mei backhand lost, always put the ball by natto back to cut, 40 flat, ultimately rely on the stubborn spirit, natto save three break reversal,In the seventh game Mei is ACE open, the advantage is very obvious, the result of the backhand to send a great gift, but obviously nadto footsteps can not follow, Mei continued to protect hair.In the eighth game, Natto made more than twice as many mistakes with her backhand, but the quality of her serve was in place. Mei missed her straight shot and the total score was 4 even.The key ninth game, Nadal came up to contribute wonderful defense, Mei always had a good chance to hit the net, depressed he also clapped in response to the audience’s boos, but Nadal or forehand through the break, the 10th set Nadal flowing, positive and negative shots impeccable, 6-4, Nadal pulled back a set.Fourth set nadal state continue to rebound, mei total since the loss increased, but mui always natural and unrestrained shot to get the game point, ACE serving out directly, can clearly see the cashier beans don’t afraid to take many, times bureau may total flap is slash or can be, is the ball too hip, mei always take first break can not always grasp, natto straight through the equaliser, since both sides into the seesaw battle, natto bureau won consecutive points,Finally won dangerously, the third set nadou is strong to get break point, Medvedev by serving to chase points, but also a double fault sent out of the game, the fourth set mei is always pat big Angle feeling back, it seems not affected by the injury, Nadal through play lost, Mei equaliser.In the fifth set, Natto caught Mei by surprise and got three break points easily, but She still served to chase the points. Natto’s forehand crossed slightly out of bounds, and the two were in a state of confusion. As long as Mei put a short ball into the net, she was caught.Sixth catch nadal serves, the forehand play more and more fierce, are signature weapon, use of natural and unrestrained net interception, natto protect hair, the seventh inning may total victory, the eighth inning nadal forehand lost two points, but at least the initiative on this side of natto, mei always break always conservative, natto reverse scored as a result, the ninth nadal stop, mei to nadal is always several times to get started, see will be break,As a result, Mei always had to reverse to play, Natto forehand out, Mei always difficult to protect hair.The tenth game natto attack and defense no solution, is patting readily through, easy zero seal accept, the total score of 6 to 4 to take the fourth set, the game into the fifth set to win.6-2 first set nadal various keep ready to play through, Mr Medvedev has nearly 20 ACE, serve advantage or won’t help him an easy win, but at least can let him to protect hair, times bureau nadal is not afraid to shoot more, successful equaliser, mei always the third faster, direct victory, now just to see who physical bite, nadal out quietly to ascend,Medvedev 21 ACE to also, the result nadal in the fifth game to form a breakthrough, as long as mei total a not score, two are nadal under points, the sixth game nadal is taking power fierce, two people at the end of the game crazy exchange points, the results nadal hard won, the seventh game and let Mei total serve a wave away.The eighth inning natto various ball to medvedev in class, put appropriate benefits, may also be inspired by total, return a short ball, or are taken out, nadal 5 than 3 came to match point, ninth inning may also have a double fault, always to the bureau of the ball to force, have no chance of waste to protect hair, serve to win the game, nadal’s serve score first, interception and grasp,Nadal also double-faulted, 30 level, And May did not give up, hitting a long cross to the net, then Nadto lost the point on a backhand, and May broke serve to reach 5 level.The tenth game may serve on the Internet is always interception, renew the ACE on fire, nadal Internet cut diagonally, two people are all send, and 40 flat, eventually mei is always lose points, natto come back again, twelve bureau is taken more hard, but I can’t give medvedev chance rafael nadal, direct zero, set points scored 7 to 5, nadal first loses two cases reverse dmitry medvedev,Twenty-one crowns to hand.

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