Shanwei Public Security Bureau launched the “Spring Festival to send couplets” activity

Spring breeze willow flowers floating, celebrating the Year of the Tiger joy and laughter.In order to welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival and further activate the cultural atmosphere of the police camp, Shanwei Public Security Bureau launched an activity of “sending Spring Festival couplets” in the activity center for senior cadres on January 25.City public Security Bureau literary and art Federation calligraphy association members, all units of calligraphy and painting enthusiasts scene, to the majority of police, auxiliary police, staff and their families to convey New Year’s greetings.At the scene of the event, the strong smell of The New Year, ink overflowing, permeated with a festive and peaceful atmosphere.Members of the calligraphy association and lovers of painting and calligraphy pour their blessings and praises into the pen with full enthusiasm and superb skills.”Lucky star as a family photo, luck in the head of all things” “good spring breeze rain Kaitai yun, dawn auspicious clouds zhao Good harvest”, one ink rich, auspicious meaning of the red Spring Festival couplets and happy “fu” jumped out on the paper.People holding the ink ink, the fragrance of the Spring Festival couplets, love, joy overflow, the activity scene was full of laughter, a total of more than 300 sets of Spring Festival couplets.The “Spring Festival to send Spring Festival couplets” activity, to the police battalion added a thick flavor of the New Year, in time, warm the heart, entrusted with the majority of public security auxiliary police of the beautiful vision of the New Year, but also carrying shanwei public security on the New Year social security and stability, people live and work in peace and happiness of the good wishes,Inspiring everyone in the New Year to more high morale, more forge ahead of the attitude to do a good job in the public security work, with excellent results to meet the 20th victory of the Party.

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