Shangqu Civil Affairs Bureau “five focus” actively carry out rain and snow freezing weather vagrants and beggars relief work

In order to cope with the attack of low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather, the District Civil Affairs Bureau attaches great importance to and takes the initiative to carry out the investigation and rescue of vagrants and beggars, and continue to do a good job in the special rescue operation of “sending warmth in winter” to ensure the warmth and safety of vagrants in winter.One is to carry out street patrols.Emergency response team set up, expanding the scope of the search, the key area for the night and, increase the inspect frequency, strengthen the construction site in the area under its jurisdiction, urban-rural fringe, Bridges, culverts, abandoned buildings, and other key areas, key parts of the patrol, persuasion and guide the relief stations for vagrants and beggars personnel to accept aid, make sure don’t freeze to death, starved to death occur.So far, 593 visits have been made, 1,088 staff members have participated, and 5 vagrants and beggars have been persuaded and rescued.Second, we will strengthen inter-departmental linkages.Issued the shangjie against low temperature sleet freezing disaster relief for vagrants and beggars with no life work plan, held a joint meeting, linkage mechanism, strengthen the department jointly with the public security, urban management, construction, agriculture commission and other departments to strengthen street patrol and stand outside assistance, ready to guide for vagrants and beggars, medical treatment and referral disposal work, do it “should save save”,Make sure there is no rough sleeping.Third, we will work hard to prevent disasters.Insist on prevention, timely attention to the local weather, meteorological department issued after low temperature, cold wave, blizzard disaster warning, immediate action, be well prepared to deal with the possibility of disasters, increase the intensity of materials reserves, preset obligate the necessary emergency supplies, emergency equipment, strengthen the station within 24 hours on duty unattended and inspect regularly, make sure not appear safe hidden trouble.Fourth, we will focus on publicity and guidance.Actively cooperate with the media to publicize and interpret rescue policies, set up rescue guide boards, publicity cards and temporary rescue points, introduce social forces to participate in street patrol, make full use of sanitation workers, scouts, bus taxi drivers and other forces to improve the detection and emergency rescue services of vagrants and beggars.The relief work of those who cannot return home and sleep on the streets is the top priority at present, so as to ensure that no negative public opinion occurs.Fifth, strengthen epidemic prevention and control.Strictly implement COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control measures, strengthen masks, gloves, protective clothing, thermometer, xiaosha supplies such as epidemic prevention materials reserves, first to recipient personnel completes the nucleic acid detection, insist to do a good job of staff of self protection, when received by personnel wearing masks, disposable gloves, keep a safe distance, to ensure that no mass infection occurred.(Source: Shanghai District People’s Government website)

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