Buy a house to choose 140 square or two 70 square good?Ask the expert, know too late

Now China’s housing price has been in a relatively high state, but this still can not stop people’s enthusiasm to buy a house. In fact, many families are just in need of money rather than put it in the bank to invest in real estate.You will consider a lot of problems when choose the house like a door, floor, geographical position, etc., everyone is very confused for this kind of problem, everyone is each have each the size of the building area, small make up today to tell everyone say that buy a 140 – square – meter house or buy two sets of 70 square meters of house good?1. Consider the purpose of their house about whether we buy a house of 140 square meters or buy two sets of 70 square meters of house this problem, we should first consider what is the purpose of our house, if the economy is very well-off usually family population and more of course choose 140 square meters of house.But if you want to rent out the house to pay off the loan then you have to consider two 70-square-meter houses, so we can rent one and live on our own.Said 2. Choose according to their own economic situation we want to buy our main consideration is our family’s economic power, if the family economic situation is good, of course, is to buy a 140 – square – metre of the large house is more comfortable to live, but if we are of the general economic situation of money although able to support a large house but said the choice of two sets of 70 square meters of house will be better,The other house is kind of like a nest egg for the kids, it’s kind of like an investment for ourselves and then we can make some money when the prices go up.3. According to the family decided to if we are three to choose 70 – square – meter house is quite enough, and take out a 70 – square – meter house we rent every month also can get some rent, especially as a line of a 70 – square – metre large cities house rent to 4/5 thousand dollars a month, and small family house rent and more market.If our family pursues high quality of life, we can choose a house of 140 square meters, after all, a big house is more comfortable to live in.The above is the opinion of xiaobian about whether we choose a house of 140 square meters or two sets of 70 square meters. I don’t know how we look at this problem?

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