Make big?Dong Lu dark scold Feng Gong: remind an old artist, Chinese women’s football also eat sea cucumber

Recently, feng Xiaoting and sketch actor Gong Hanlin between the “war of words” caused the outside world attention.More recently, a joke made by feng Gong, a famous crosstalk actor, was unearthed by netizens, who mocked the Chinese men’s soccer team as “sea cucumbers” — looking full of thorns but actually very soft.In response, dong Lu, a well-known media man, felt quite helpless. He not only insinuated feng gong on social media platforms for censuring the traffic of Chinese men’s football team, but also reminded Feng Gong that Chinese women’s football team also eats sea cucumber.Dong Lu said: “The flow of national football, really sweet!A false legend of a sea cucumber, a rotten meme that’s all over the Internet, and it’s a burden to keep alive.The Spring Festival evening sketch is often copied on the network of jokes, tickle people laugh, now shoot duan Zi, still so, really did not grow ah!Oh, and a reminder to the old artists: sea cucumbers sponsor the entire Chinese team, and even the women’s soccer players eat them.Who scratches who…”The so-called “sea cucumber” is a joke circulating on the Internet after China’s national football team lost to Vietnam.Earlier, a sea cucumber product enterprise became the sponsor of the National football Association, so the Football Association arranged the national football team captain Wu Xi to do some publicity for the enterprise.On the video, Wu praised the company’s products and said he “eats one sea cucumber every day.”Did not think this words in the national football team lost to Vietnam after the crazy spread, Wu Xi also tragic “sea cucumber elder brother”, reduced to the outside world joke.Feng Gong was exposed this time “sea cucumber” jokes, perhaps from wu Xi this incident.In Dong Lu’s social platform, many netizens also said that they do not understand why many people in the entertainment industry now use The national football team to ceng traffic.Some fans said bluntly: “I really don’t understand, what do these people want to do?”But another netizen expressed a different opinion: “Men’s soccer is so bad, how can people still not talk about it?”In fact, while attention has been focused on a series of recent controversies, China’s national football team has quietly embarked on a trip to West Asia to prepare for the round of 12 World Cup qualifiers.But now it seems that the performance of the National football team on the field is no longer the focus of external attention.

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