Management improvement 213: Changing mental models for continuous improvement

Abstract: The value of managers is not only to report problems, but to solve them.Value can only be created by solving problems.It is not that we cannot discover or solve many problems, but that our mindset and ability limit us.Therefore, we need to change the mindset, we might as well learn reverse thinking;We need to strengthen our study, keep pace with The Times, master some problem management tools, and constantly improve the ability to find problems, express problems, analyze problems and solve problems.1, good at learning, change the mind.The era of one-off learning is over, and academic education has been replaced by lifelong learning.Peter Senge published the Fifth Discipline in 1990 that the establishment of a “learning organization” is the key to the success of an organization in the 21st century.”The future belongs to those who love life, are willing to create and enhance their intelligence by learning from others.” Knowledge becomes the core resource and asset.Good managers must avoid dancing with George the Elephant in chains.George was born in a circus, and his parents were both veteran circus performers.Little George elephant is very naughty and always wants to run about.A thin chain was attached to its leg and the other end was attached to an iron bar.Little George was not used to the chain. He tried to earn it, but he could not get it off. He had no choice but to move within the chain.After a few days George tried again to break free from the chains, but when he could not, he sullenly settled down.Time and time again, little George could not break the chain.Slowly, it no longer try, it used to the chain, and look at the parents are the same, as if it should be like this.As George grew, it was easy to break the little chain with his strength now, but it never occurred to him to do so.He thought that the chain was unbreakable to him, and this strong psychological suggestion was deeply implanted in his memory.In this way, from generation to generation, circus elephants move in a fixed small range, bound by a small visible chain and a large invisible chain.The reason why a moderate iron chain holds an elephant in its infinite strength is that it is the habit of his mind, which he has developed as a child, that is so much the chain as the habit of his mind that holds him.Innovation is to go beyond others, beyond the object, more is to surpass ourselves, thinking innovation is the biggest obstacle to self-handicapping, is a lot of conventional limit in my own mind, so only break the routine, enterprises can gain than conventional thinking and decision making, to convert the imagination of employees for the enterprise initiative, eventually gain supernormal development.To promote continuous improvement is to constantly “find the exit”.Two American scientists once made an interesting experiment.Them each in the two bottles into 5 flies and bees, and then there’s a light at the end of the the bottom of the glass on the side, and will be open toward the dark side, a few hours after scientists found five fly all found in glass bottle back-end exports, climb out, and all of that 5 bee is killed, the bee why no exports?By observing the bees, they found that the bees’ experience determined that the exit was where the light was. Each time they flew towards the light, they used all their strength and did not learn a lesson after being hit. When they got up, they continued to hit the same place.Nor did they use a mutual-aid approach in finding exits.If bees are dogmatic and theoretical, flies are exploratory and practical.In their wisdom, they never think that only the light is the exit, and they don’t hit with full force, but with reservations every time.Most importantly, they know to turn back after being hit, to find another way, even backwards.They can draw inspiration from their peers, and the spirit of cooperation and learning saves them together.So in the end they are the winners.There are many new companies popping up all over the world, just like these flies.In short, their logic is to win in improvement and innovation, so that the company continues to maintain vitality and creativity.And we found from many large enterprises in China, the vast majority of people are in compliance with the rules honestly, never go beyond the rules, and the creativity of enterprises is suffocated, which is just like the logic that bees stick to — the exit must be in the light, and the final outcome can only be decline and death.3, continuous improvement “three bogey” one bogey: almost, passable, take your time.”Almost” is the biggest enemy of continuous improvement, “almost” will be much worse in the end, “passable” market competition and customers will let you go, “slowly” will be eliminated by the rolling forward market;Two bogey: forget it, next time pay attention.This is, in effect, managerial “appeasement”.”Not for example” type of management will certainly produce “broken window effect”, and eventually form the tragedy of “thousands of miles of dike burst into a nest”;Three taboo: however, I thought.Continuous improvement must be based on the objective facts and data of the problem, from the phenomenon to the essence, from the outside to the inside, not taking it for granted, not what I think.If you find this article worthwhile, please follow, appreciate and forward it.Thank you very much!

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