Recognize the nature of the world: the rich remain rich, the poor remain poor, the top eat each other, and the bottom kill each other

Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?There is a saying in the “Continuation of the History of tongjian Long editor” : the rich have a field, the poor have no place to stand.The same is true today: the rich, with time, experience and connections, get richer and richer, and the wealth is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few.And the average person, the average person, is usually stuck in a job that just keeps them hungry and wondering if it’s going to be there tomorrow.Why is this, and what are the root causes of this phenomenon?Reason one: rich people can mobilize more resources and seize opportunities as they come. They are not overcautious or overcautious.For them, no matter the investment is millions or tens of millions, it is just one of many projects, and they do not need to worry too much.The rich are more aware of the 80/20 rule than the average person. They accept the fact that “the majority of wealth comes from the success of a few investments.”On the other hand, ordinary people, let alone investing, just change jobs, change industries can put themselves to death.Worry about age, ability, opportunity, sunk costs…The final decision is often to stay put, to continue and steadily stay poor.Reason two: ordinary people are always thinking about making money through their own resources, while rich people will integrate all resources to make money.If you ask the average person: What would you do if you were given a chance to stop working and a sum of money to start a business?Most of them said they would start a small business or learn a trade so they could work freelance to support themselves.If the choice is given to the rich, they will integrate resources and increase resources through the power of connections, quickly making money grow money.In other words: when ordinary people do business, the only person they can drive is themselves.Whether it is opening a shop or doing freelance work, the essence is to hire yourself, as both a means of production and a means of production.You’re both the boss and the employee, and until something really happens, it doesn’t get any bigger.The rich will unite with other rich people on the basis of their own resources to make their career bigger.But then again.Above two points, whether it is investment or integration of resources to make money, ordinary people can not do, just because he does not want to, or dare not?That’s a pretty harsh thing to say.Ordinary people’s lives can’t stand much wind and rain, because ordinary people don’t have many opportunities to make mistakes.It only takes a few critical choices in life to bring a lifetime of ruin, and maybe never raise your head again.So ordinary people do things, overcautious, also can’t do things.Now, the reality is that rich people, through investment, entrepreneurship, resource integration, get richer and richer.It doesn’t matter if the shelves get higher and higher, their income will go up anyway, and they are very resilient.Ordinary people, stuck in mediocre jobs and enduring higher living costs and stagnant wages, actually have less money to spend.Ordinary people will cluster at the bottom, and the middle will slowly slide down to become the new bottom.Who is kinder, the rich or the ordinary?The Korean movie parasite, which won the Palme d ‘Or award for best picture in Cannes, has a striking line: “You are not rich because you are kind, you are kind because you are rich.”There are some very classic lines: “If I had as much money as they do, I’d be super, super nice, too.””Rich people’s clothes are so smooth.Money is the iron that smoothes all trials.”We have also learned a saying called: poor born cunning, rich long conscience.In recent years, I have watched some Domestic TV series and found some interesting characteristics: in the TV series, the rich tend to be kind, simple, helpful and gullible, but in the end they are tolerant and choose to forgive a lot.The poor, on the other hand, are always the faces of the world. They are lazy and greedy, stupid and stupid, selfish and selfish.Is that really the case?Are rich people really kinder than average people?In the movie parasite, the lowlifes work most of the day to earn a little money for food.For all that hard work, the pay was just enough to live in a cockroach-infested basement and drown it in the first heavy rain.This poor family of four, under the circumstances, by clinging to the rich family to engage in various occupations to survive.In order to make more money, they tacitly hide each other’s true identities.Here, the craftiness and gloom of the ground floor are exposed.In a dramatic turn of events, their relationship with a family of four was discovered by another bottom couple.The latter knows their fear and uses it as blackmail to mock and humiliate as much as they can, vividly illustrating what it means to be a “bottomless pit”.In the movie, the rich man’s wife talks about “smell” over and over again.The smell she was talking about was not the smell of the rich, it was the smell of the bottom, the sour smell of the dark basement, no time to bathe, no change of clothes.However, the company built on excessive overtime and unfair workplace treatment, the rich couple are not dependent on the bottom of the workers “parasites”.Who are the real parasites?The rich who capture the value of the labor of the poor, or the poor who have to rely on jobs provided by the rich to earn a living?Perhaps, for this world: no matter rich or poor, everyone is a “parasite”.Everyone hates cockroaches, everyone tries to trample others underfoot, and eventually struggles to become just another bunch of cockroaches.Discuss why the rich are getting richer and ordinary people are getting poorer.Who has more conscience, the rich or the poor?Feel free to share in the comments section.

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