Zhengdong New District Office jinguang Road Meixiu road community to carry out voluntary car washing activities

During the Spring Festival holiday, many car washes are closed and inconvenient to wash, and the cars of residents in the district have turned into “little mud monkeys”.To solve community residents wash the car difficult problem, continue practicing “I does the practical work for the masses” activities, on February 6, Jin Guanglu offices at the road community residents from convenient life and improve the quality of community service point of view, combined new wisteria garden residential property in carrying out the “I do practical and convenient to wash the car into the community” for the populace.At the event site, the community and property management staff clearly divided their work and cooperated with each other. With a motor, a spray gun, a water pipe, plus a large bucket and several towels, we started the car washing activity for a day.From spraying water, washing, drying, disinfection to car delivery, the staff personified the car “beautician”, washing the car patient and meticulous, thoughtful service, every link in an orderly way, originally covered with dust car, instantly look new, came to the car wash residents have praised the staff’s careful service.In just one day, a total of 112 cars were washed at the activity site. With their considerate service, the community and property management staff sent different Spring Festival blessings to the community residents in the cold winter!By carrying out this activity, on the one hand, it has consolidated the cultural foundation of the community, improved the quality of property service, and promoted a more harmonious relationship between property and owners. On the other hand, it has also contributed to beautify the social environment and create a civilized city.(Gold double color)

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