Sanbao Street: The village cleaning campaign helped normalize epidemic prevention and control

New Year new atmosphere, New Year new outlook.In order to welcome the 2022 Spring Festival with a clean and beautiful village, we have been consolidating our achievements in the prevention and control of the epidemic.Sanbao Street launched a village cleaning campaign with the theme of “Clean Spring Festival” within its jurisdiction.Sanbao streets make full use of migrant workers returning home for the holiday, timing, actively launch party members and cadres, by the township market publicity materials, the volunteers as publicity guide, wall culture, publicity columns, paste slogan actively promote village clean action, accumulated in village and household publicity and education of more than 11488 person-time, distributing promotional materials of more than 16070 copies ofPut up 94 propaganda slogans.Farmers are guided to carry out good home cleaning activities by carrying out village cleaning activities close to farmers’ production and life, such as “cleaning garbage, ditches, cleaning livestock and poultry manure”, beautifying and lighting courtyards, cleaning villages, improving farmers’ toilets, disposing livestock and poultry manure, sanitation, and epidemic prevention and control.Streets in the new era of civilization practice standing communities in volunteer activities, promote village cleaning action and patriotic health “7” special action, the combination of, for the unit with the village (community) organizations to mobilize the masses to carry out to “health dead Angle, qing qing ponds, ditches heap of the place, qing qing courtyard sundry, clear debris, disorderly disorderly stick, zhang qing qing fire hazard” as the key point of “7” action.It is reported that since January, the 12 villages (communities) of the street launched more than 4,010 farmers to work, a total of 2,024 tons of rural household garbage, cleaning up more than 40 ponds in the village, cleaning up 46.3 kilometers of ditches in the village, cleaning up 1,926.9 tons of silt in the village, cleaning up the ruins of 12 walls,A total of 956 tons of agricultural waste, including manure and sewage from livestock and poultry breeding, were cleaned up.To build a good village space environment, create a peaceful and festive festive atmosphere, so that the whole street people “clean to welcome the New Year, happy New Year”.In the next step, Sanbao Street will carry out in-depth village cleaning activities, with the basic requirements of cleanliness, tidiness and order and the construction of a beautiful and livable village as the guidance, combining centralized renovation and long-term management and protection, to continuously improve the living environment, contribute to epidemic prevention and control, and continuously enhance the sense of happiness, gain and security of the people in the area.Text and text: Xu Ying Editor: Duan Qionghui

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