The State of Marriage and behind singleness: The Costs of the “Single Society”

In the book Family, Private Ownership and the Origin of the State, Engels said, “If only marriage based on love is moral, then only marriage that continues to maintain love is moral.”In the final analysis, marriage is not only the pursuit of love, sweetness, it also has moral constraints, responsibility and pay.The best marriages are a home for the soul, an expression of family and social responsibility.In the pursuit of happy love at the same time, once into marriage, also have to assume family moral and social responsibilities.Nowadays, in order to pursue the perfect love, people either choose to be single, or choose to divorce, and enjoy themselves in the single social circle.For a private pleasure, family and social responsibility regardless of the individual happiness and social development is completely opposite.”Single society” will certainly become a major problem for social development.Is it true that young people live alone?My neighbor, Xiao Qi, is in her thirties.At first glance, she has a stable job, a good income, a house and a car, but she lives alone.When I first met him, I thought he was sunny and handsome, had a high quality of life, and was warm and generous.Later, after in-depth contact, I know that he has a special life experience.It turned out that he had had a marriage history, his ex-wife is a college classmate, before marriage, the two of you love me thick, have a xielao will.However, seven years of marriage itch, various reasons, lead to marriage failure, divorce ended.Talking about marriage, Xiao Qi said: “Marriage is a shackle, love is replaced by small, there is only vulgar and secular.””I’m glad I got out,” he said. “I just want to live a good life and not be tied down by a vulgar marriage.”He also said that living alone would be his lifelong choice.I was amazed!Yes, xiao Qi now quality of life is really very good, but he does not know whether to think of the parents in the countryside, foster in the countryside of the five years old daughter.In fact, he is now living a good life alone, based on the pain of his parents, is to abandon the son of man, as a father should have the basic responsibility.I wonder, once he too is old, how will all this face?To live alone based on personal enjoyment is to be unfilial to the elderly, to ignore the children, to escape the family, and to give up social responsibility.It is undeniable that everyone has the right to pursue the quality of marriage, but the marriage centered on personal needs is nothing but taking, not giving.Soul mates can not be met, and it is impossible to meet a matching soul mate once and for all. Happiness and well-being still need the cultivation, tolerance and understanding of both parties after marriage, so as to find a non-vulgar marriage quality in the life of a chicken.According to statistics, the divorce rate in China was 580,000 couples in 1987, and rose rapidly to 3.73 million couples in 2020.The marriage rate fell from 13.47 million in 2013 to 8.13 million in 2020.By contrast, data have to be taken seriously.What is more worrying is that according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, there are 240 million single adults in China, and the number of adults living alone is expected to reach 100 million by 2021.The “single society” is coming!Needless to say, people’s pursuit of free human nature, high-quality marriage, and the stability of love is a kind of social progress.The publicity of individualism, the liberation of individuality and the extension of humanity displayed in the “single society” may be worth pursuing for the rise of women.However, while the “single society” liberates individual freedom, its selfishness and extreme individualistic enjoyment will exert extreme negative effects on family and society.Society is a whole, when the “single society” reaches a certain amount, it will have a potential impact on the development of the whole society.For example, the accelerating aging of the population, the shortage of social labor force, and so on.On the surface, the single era is a kind of release of social humanity, but the progress of the era actually drags the whole social development into a trap of stagnation.Look, the impact on the individual’s family is very important, it will affect the family sense of the previous generation, and it is a serious blow to the happiness of the elderly.Viewed from a larger perspective, it is an impact on traditional Chinese culture and has a profound impact on the concept of family ethics, marriage survival and happiness of life since the millennium.China is a great cultural country that attaches great importance to family inheritance. The traditional family culture formed over a thousand years is extensive and profound.Although the phenomenon of “single society” is not enough to shake its foundation, it will bring unstable factors to the society, and contradictions will gradually appear.The development of society, there is an important index, that is the renewal of population iteration.Only when the population thrives and young people make up the majority of the population, can the society show its extraordinary vitality everywhere. Then, the material prosperity and spiritual wealth of the society will change with each passing day and develop rapidly.A country is made up of millions and millions of families. With the establishment and stability of families, a society will enjoy long-term stability and vitality.”Everything goes well with family and harmony.” This saying applies not only to a small family, but also to everyone in society.The small family is the individual of the society, bearing the prosperity of the individual, if every small family is harmonious and make money, then, the society we must also be everything wins the meaning, the four seas.A harmonious society is the cornerstone of stability, while those in a “single society” are the deadwood of instability.The “single society” must be curbed.Fortunately, many people with insight realized the consequences.The propaganda of family construction, the promotion of Traditional Chinese virtues, the correct education of marriage and love, and the guidance of the state in the economic level (the suppression of real estate, the double reduction of education, the reform of medical treatment) all have a positive impact on young people’s marriage and family views.Hugo said, “To live is to understand.Life is about smiling in the face of reality, looking over obstacles into the future.”Friend xiaoning is an intellectual female, after getting married 5 years, both sides are made by the life spirit exhaustion, a few desire divorce.At the last moment when the family was falling apart, her mother took the couple to her parents’ home for a few days, witnessing the ease with which the two elderly people faced life.After coming back, xiaoning and her husband reduced the expectation of life, change the idea, accept the life now, do happy-go-lucky, with a positive attitude to change life.Now, the couple live happily ever after and never quarrel again.”The family is not only the home of the body, but also the home of the mind.””Single society” people, the heart is lonely, lonely.Because they are always in a state of floating, there is no sense of feet on the ground.Home is the home of the soul.When you come home, there is the expectation of the elderly, the warmth of the lover, the lively children, your life is not full of vitality, get the pleasure of life.Those so-called solitaires, by virtue of their superior economic conditions, go to high-end clubs and enjoy themselves, but they are nothing more than spiritually empty drunks.In the face of the lonely light green shadow, lonely night, that heart full of exhaustion, where will place?In fact, the so-called “single society” is nothing but a lonely life of emptiness, self-deception.Use your love to make a lamp, use your kindness to make a twist, and then use your passion to make oil, light it, light the way home.The population carrying capacity of the society is bound to be stepped development. Childhood → youth → youth → middle age → old age, youth, youth and middle age will always be the cornerstone of a high-quality society.The “single society” will be abandoned by the development of The Times.Going back to your family is the best choice!

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