Venus asked Liu Ye: are you particularly like the name with “na” of the woman?

Uproot shayna with liu ye article 17 edit | | – travel lane in 2016, liu ye’s talk show the Venus show, in the face of have always is famous for its “tongue” of Venus, liu ye’s answer is way too tight.After all, Liu Ye is a veteran actor, to deal with this small scene is simply not words.But soon, his composure was broken!One second he was talking, the next second Venus asked him speechless, cold sweat.Because Venus threw a “send proposition” to Liu Ye!As we all know, Liu Ye’s wife calls Anna, daughter calls Ni Na, and Liu Ye’s ex-girlfriend calls Xie Na!Facing the questions raised by Venus, Liu Ye’s eyes ducked, his face revealed the embarrassment he could not hide, and his fingers buckled his pants unconsciously.Venus asked him sharply, “What are you nervous about?”Liu Ye tried to shift the topic, the fierce Venus did not pass him, cross-examine the problem before again.”Do you particularly like women with na in their names?”Liu Ye smiled awkwardly, light way: “coincidence.”Liu Ye and Gold star are in the entertainment circle touch roll roll dozen come over of person, Liu Ye natural heart knows clearly, this problem of gold star is to want to talk head lead to xie Na there.He and Shayna had been separated for years and now had families of their own, and he didn’t want to talk about each other.However, netizens pointed out that Liu is nervous because he still loves Xie Na and he hasn’t moved on from the relationship.After all, after such a hard love distance, no one can forget this life…Born in 1978, Liu Ye was born into an acting family in northeast China. His parents both worked in a studio.Liu Ye, who has been in touch with movies since childhood, is full of interest in the movie world. When he was studying, he was determined to be an actor and experience the feeling of acting.In 1996, after more than ten years of hard study, liu Ye was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama.The Liu Ye when just entering a university is very introverted and shy, he is not like typical northeast guy so fortitude, but is like a idea exquisite and sensitive “southern girl”.It was because he had just turned 17 when he was in college.When he was young, he left his hometown for the first time, came to live in faraway Beijing, and his studies in the university were heavy. Under the influence of multiple factors, he seemed a little introverted.Fortunately, with the help of his classmates and teachers, he soon integrated into the collective.In 1998, liu Ye, who was still a college student, was appreciated by the director and participated in the film “That mountain that man that dog”.Liu Ye is on big screen puerperous face, show slightly astringent acting, cannot resist his pair of eyes blossom the clever gas that gives.This film made Liu Ye an instant success, quickly into the film industry, he also won the best supporting actor nomination for this film!After learning that Liu Ye was nominated for the Golden Rooster Award, the class boys were more happy than him, all the male students gathered together that night, the collective celebration for Liu Ye.Because at that time, Liu Ye’s class of female students are very excellent, such as Zhang Ziyi, Yuan Quan, Mei Ting and so on have cut a figure in the entertainment circle.Schoolboys from beginning to end however lonely lonely nameless, and Liu Ye this nomination, it is to give them schoolboy apparently “exude pride”!That mountain that person that dog a group of young frivolous big boys drink wine, they are happy and gratified, thank Liu Ye to give them long face.”We boys must be good!”A group of boys laugh and make, finally hold a group burst into tears, will be frustrated in the heart all by alcohol to vent out.Wine is to drink cool, cry also cry enough, who knows the second day but liu Ye to harm miserably!Coincides with the second day of the school screening Liu Ye shot this film, as the school students and film hero, Liu Ye naturally can not be absent.Liu Ye cries the night before hoarse throat, two eye bubbles also swollen into walnut, this can how to see a person!No way, Liu Ye can only rely on sunglasses to cover their own embarrassment.”Oh, this is just one movie and he’s already acting like a bigwig, wearing sunglasses at school and thinking he’s a big star!”Liu Ye is ashamed and ashamed, only hate the ground no ground seam can let him drill.02 northeast guy and Sichuan girl’s “spicy” collision has been nominated by the golden Rooster award results, Liu Ye received a lot of cast invitation.In 2000, liu Ye, who had just graduated from college, went to the studio to shoot the TV drama “Happy Street”.In this millennium, Liu Ye met Xie Na in the cast, who was in love with himself for 6 years in the future.When first met two people look at each other not pleasing to the eye, one is a taciturn male protagonist, one is a woman N.Liu Ye thinks Xie Na heel a “silly girl” like, crazy, too noisy.Xie Na abandon Liu Ye’s sloppy, and even feel often praised by people handsome Liu Ye did not grow.At the beginning two people are who also do not get used to who, the fate of the result is so wonderful, two mutually repellent people are actually in the dark in getting along with sincere feeling.Liu Ye from northeast China and Xie Na from Sichuan joined forces to drink the entire cast down at the show’s final dinner.Drink to the end only they two still sober, Liu Ye and Xie Na to see one eye, two people laugh together.Or Liu Ye stepped out of the first step, take the initiative to Confess to Xie Na, Xie Na looked at the beloved boy in front, which do not agree to the truth.Finally, the two “enemies” actually hand in hand to go together, it can be said that fate came, can not stop!Just fall in love with those days, two people like glue together all day.Since they have not yet become famous, they wander in the streets and lanes every day, and when they are hungry, they will find a roadside shop to solve a meal.Such a simple and happy day makes two people happy, love blossomed and good luck in career came.In 2001, Liu Ye received an invitation from director Guan Jinpeng to play the leading role in the film “Blue Yu”.When Liu Ye learned that the subject is sensitive, he hesitated for a long time.Finally, it was his girlfriend Shayna who encouraged him to try out.03 outsiders think not matched love, but they love with great and vigorous in the day of the test play, Xie Na suddenly high fever, even burn to delirium faint on the ground, in order not to let Liu Ye worry, she has been hiding his illness.Liu Ye is very nervous in the way of the test play, and made several phone calls to Xie Na.Xie Na forbear physical discomfort, patiently comfort and persuade Liu Ye on the phone, keep giving Liu Ye cheer.After the end of the audition, Liu Ye was successfully selected, he excited to no, the first time to call Xie Na.Xie Na hung a heart followed down, she told Liu Ye he had a fever.Liu Ye listened to panic, immediately decided to take a taxi home.But the director at this time but stopped him, he can only tell Xie Na he was busy immediately back.After liu Ye arrives home, Xie Na has burned to coma, her subconscious wants to smile congratulations Liu Ye, but all over weak what also can’t do.Liu Ye saw this scene, panic in the heart, he directly put Xie Na up, carrying people to the hospital.The northeast Chinese boy, who relied too much on Shayna during the audition, immediately assumed his responsibility as a man when it mattered most.Such liu Ye, xie Na how can not love.That period of time, the career of Liu Ye is flourishing, often head for play crew pat play, do not give up the Xie Na that leaves with him often goes exploring class.Xie Na does not want to give Liu Ye cause trouble, also be not used to be in person before be bored with crooked, concealed the relation of two people lovers painlessly then.At the beginning also somebody had suspected her and Liu Ye relation is ambiguous, but see Xie Na to wear jeans T shirt every day, all day element face to the sky the appearance that does not dress up, it is not to resemble Liu Ye girlfriend really, those thoughts all vanish into thin air.Xie Na in the cast, every day with Liu Ye side busy, Liu Ye thirsty her cup of water, Liu Ye cold she add clothes…She lest others know him and liu Ye’s relation, little imagine is in the eye of cast staff member, everybody thinks she is Liu Ye’s assistant!If it was anyone else, I would have cried and cried and refused.After Sheena knew the misunderstanding, she laughed, and in the days after that, she was more conscientious and tried to play the role of a good assistant!In the cast of “Blue Yu”, Liu Ye and Xie Na ushered in the first valentine’s Day after two people fall in love.Xie Na is looking forward to liu Ye’s surprise all day long, but the nerve of Liu Ye will completely throw this festival behind.Did not receive the surprise xie Na cried, Liu Ye panic!Because the time was too late, they ran half of Beijing, Liu Ye also failed to buy gifts for Xie Na, even roadside selling roses are withered.In view of this precedent, the second year Xie Na put low expectations, the result Liu Ye was prepared by heart surprise!Although Liu Ye is dull sometimes, but he puts Xie Na in the heart all the time, guard xie Na with his unique way.Xie Na also said in her autobiography: “Liu Ye’s romance is all inclusive to me.”In 2001, Liu Ye won the best actor award for his film “Blue Yu”.Liu Ye stood on the podium in Taiwan, emotional thanks to his girlfriend Xie Na, xie Na in Beijing, looking at the TV Liu Ye, immediately burst into tears.In that second, the world only Xie Na understand the meaning of this sentence, this is exclusive to liu Ye’s romantic characteristics.Because before heading for Taiwan, Liu Ye and Xie Na just quarreled a fight, Xie Na angrily ran away from home, a person ran to the railway station, fortunately, liu Ye came in time to stop, two people in the railway station immediately and made up.On the way home, Liu Ye asked Xie Na if he won the award, what to say to receive the award, Xie Na joked: “thank your girlfriend I bai.”Her joke, he did not take it seriously, But Liu Ye in mind, and also stood on the podium to the world.In hear Liu Ye say that moment of this sentence, Xie Na feel oneself this life is not Liu Ye not to marry, but it is a pity that things backfire.When Liu Ye returned to Beijing, Xie Na went to pick him up happily with flowers in her arms. As soon as she saw Liu Ye, she was pushed to the periphery by a flood of media and fans.Once stood beside Liu Ye all the time she, right now can be separated far away from a sea of faces, the male friend that is wearing starlight bright without prestige.Strong xie Na is awake at this moment come over, the gap between her and Liu Ye is bigger and bigger!Realizing this, Shayna is determined to make her mark in the entertainment industry in order to be worthy of her boyfriend and prove her worth.Since then, Sheena has worked harder and busier than ever, and her hard work has paid off. In 2004, Sheena became the regular host of Happy Camp.After becoming popular, she is more and more busy, and the new jin actor Liu Ye is also busy running around filming, two people began to get together less from more days.One year, She and Liu didn’t see each other for more than seven months, Ms. Xie later said in her book.Liu Ye also recalled that one year, they only stayed for 20 days.In such gather less from more circumstances, should have won the new love of the two people, but gradually away.Perhaps the daily work is too busy, they have not been able to spare patience and gentleness to each other.At that time, Liu Ye and Xie Na were quarreling almost as soon as they met, and xie Na would run away from home after each quarrel.Once she left for six days without any contact with Liu Ye.Liu Ye was so anxious that he could only interview his media for help.Until one time, Xie Na ran away from home all night, the next day after returning home, Liu Ye has returned to the cast, only to leave her a note.05 The wrong time to meet the right person read the note, As if someone poured a basin of cold water.Was this the same man who had doted on her, loved her and spoiled her?Love to cry xie Na this time can not cry out, she learned to have tears in the heart flow.Disappointment is accumulated bit by bit, and it is never the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.June 2005, Liu Ye in front of the media generous show of love, he said the classic sentence “as long as Xie Na said to marry today, I will marry her tomorrow!”Liu Ye this words say come out, the outside world all think two people good thing nearly!Then, in July 2005, Liu Ye prepared a surprise for Xie Na in front of the national audience on the stage of the national variety show “Happy Camp”.Never a romantic man, he gave Her 9,999 roses in public.Unfortunately, the flowers in full bloom will decay, and then strong feelings will fade.In September 2005, reporters in the interview when xie Na mentioned marriage matters, Xie Na said lightly two people are not suitable for marriage.Only a few months later, in early 2006, Xie na broke up with Liu Ye, and after unsuccessful communication, they announced their separation to the outside world.The public is in an uproar to this, Liu Ye and Xie Na is not fast marriage?Why did you break up so suddenly?The hero of the story Liu Ye is also at a loss, he is really ready to spend the rest of his life with Xie Na hand in hand, why things to the end but become so?Why did Shayna suddenly let go of his hand halfway through?Liu Ye feels suddenly, feel puzzling even, but actually, everything already has trace to follow.Tea is not a moment and a half cold, the heart is not in a night was broken.06 belatedly put not the feeling, after parting with a reason only, Liu Ye and Xie Na have very long period of time to fail to come out.Liu Ye counts the date to live every day, break up time accurate to the day, Xie Na is also alone to heal for a long time.Until 2006 September, Liu Ye still in front of the media to convey his idea to compound, but Xie Na does not want to repeat the same mistake.The injury suffered, experience once is enough, that once has enough pain, Sheena did not have the courage to try again.The relationship, which had not experienced the seven-year itch, began in the millennium and came to an abrupt end in the sixth year.It took Liu three years to get over his 2006 breakup, and he married His French wife, Anna, in 2009.Xie fell in love with Zhang Jie in early 2007 and they walked down the aisle in 2011.Recall xie Na and Liu Ye love long-distance running of these 6 years, two people share joys and sorrows all the way, accompany the other side from lonely unknown to bright star way.Wait until two people very not easy to stand on the top of the peak, it was later to find that the original tightly holding hands, I do not know when has loosened……They didn’t fall out of love, they fell in love too much.It is because that year too much love, love to pain, so today, they are still obsessed.Time has quietly walked through more than ten years, this more than ten years, Xie Na and Liu Ye do not want to appear together from beginning to end.In their heart probably early put down this paragraph of feeling, also early to each other let go, but affirmation can not put once for love persistent oneself.As Xie Na said in her autobiography, she always remembers the beauty of being together with Liu Ye.Unfortunately, they met the right person at the wrong time.No matter how well two people fit, when the time is wrong, everything is wrong.From this failed relationship, Xie Na and Liu Ye learned how to love and be loved, which allows them to deal with their new relationship more maturely than before.It is said that love is the thing that predecessors plant trees for descendants to enjoy the shade, in fact, everyone in different love, will get different growth.Now Xie Na and Liu Ye have established their own small family, happy and happy life.Perhaps this is the best fate for them.

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