Dynamic New Year, easily enjoy luxurious | 2022 listed on the new BMW X1 refresh

BMW Brilliance launches its new 2022 BMW X1, another dynamic new option for New Year car buyers.The new BMW X1 pays close attention to the changes of customers’ needs, and the appearance and configuration of the entry model are upgraded again, so as to reward customers’ trust with a more perfect product.At the same time, all models provide New Year exclusive financial car purchase services, so that customers enjoy high-quality luxury travel with the prosperous New Year.The new 2022 BMW X1 has been updated to address a number of user concerns.For example, the new BMW X1 sDrive25Li lead adds a front parking distance alarm to further improve safety protection.Entry-level new BMW X1 sDrive20Li fashion new X design set, front and rear bumpers and side skirts add decorative strips in the details to further highlight the vehicle sports atmosphere;The new silver rearview mirror cover and upgraded 18-inch Y aluminum alloy wheel rims give the vehicle a more stylish and sharp appearance.BMW’s New Year’s financial car purchase program is also available for customers to choose according to their needs. From January 1 to March 31, 2022, customers can enjoy the “daily payment” as low as 35 yuan or the 5-year long loan period, and can also enjoy the 48-term financing lease program with zero down payment.BMW X1 is a luxury car launched by BMW Brilliance to meet the demands of young customers.It gives users more space to enjoy a diversified life with friends and family and live a happy life.BMW X1 has been winning the favor of the majority of young users for its excellent quality and performance, rich luxury configuration, outstanding comfort and practicality.By November 2021, the cumulative sales volume of new BMW X1 reached more than 90,000 units, leading the segment for five consecutive years.The new BMW X1 has the striking DESIGN language of the BMW X family. The wide, angular, one-piece, two-kidney intake grille is echoed by large air intakes, sharp headlights, dual exhaust tailpipes and other features, showing a powerful gas field ready to go.With an ultra-long wheelbase of 2,780 mm and a trunk capacity up to 1,650 litres with an additional 100 litres of storage space, the vehicle provides a comfortable and relaxed travel experience for young customers.The standard electronic stopper in the car and the front sports seats radiate a very passionate sense of movement.The rear seat can be moved back and forth 13 cm, with the rear row noble soft pillow, greatly improve the ride comfort.The new BMW X1 is equipped with a large 10.25-inch LCD touch screen, natural speech recognition system, Apple CarPlay (wireless), Baidu CarLife and other high-value configurations, so that users can enjoy the convenience of the intelligent era at any time.The new BMW X1 is powered by a 1.5T/ 2.0t turbocharged engine with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission for the two-wheel-drive model and an 8-speed hand-operated all-in-one transmission for the four-wheel-drive model, providing robust power output and excellent response speed.XDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system and driving experience control system, combined with both lightweight advantages and high strength as one of the suspension system, to ensure the vehicle tracking performance isometric half-shaft design, so that the driver in the face of changing driving environment always leisurely.In the New Year, the new BMW X1 follows the diverse needs of young Chinese customers and continues to break through the evolution. It is always full of energy and starts with the confidence of customers with strong strength.With innovation, care for your car experience;Use innovation to achieve “zero-distance” connectivity between people and vehicles;With innovation, constantly to achieve all new possibilities.Responsible for your car, so that you enjoy the ecological sustainable development of the car policy!

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