Shijingshan Pingguoyuan Street “Three Neat” work Law to ensure vaccination “no closing time”

In order to strengthen the immunity barrier of the whole population and consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention and control, Pingguoyuan Street, Shijingshan, has made all-out efforts to promote the vaccination of COVID-19 among people over 60 years old. Multi-channel publicity and multi-forms of mobilization have been adopted to further promote the vaccination of COVID-19 among the elderly.Online and offline efforts were mobilized to mobilize open streets to make vaccination promotional videos, which were widely forwarded on wechat subscription accounts and community wechat groups. Through the testimonials of senior citizens who had successfully been vaccinated in the region, eligible senior citizens were encouraged to actively vaccinate against COVID-19 and jointly build an immune barrier.In view of the large flow of tomb sweeping people during the Qingming Festival holiday, community workers came to the gate of the Futian Cemetery to interpret the vaccination policies to the visitors, publicize the importance of vaccination, patiently answer the questions raised by the elderly about vaccination, and eliminate the elderly’s concerns about vaccination.Communities have made full use of leaflets, posters, billboards, electronic screens and other media to guide residents to take the initiative to get vaccinated against COVID-19, and to encourage them to wear masks, do disinfection and work together to build an immune barrier for all.Volunteer together Considerate care not close consultation to qi to security, vaccination is not close to apple street vaccination point in strict accordance with the medical standard, detailed consulting area, registration area, divided into inoculation area, under observation area, such as medical personnel on-site to solve the elderly all sorts of questions, for the elderly to health, healthMake a reasonable assessment of whether they are eligible for COVID-19 vaccine to ensure safe vaccination.The site also provides heart-warming services such as blood pressure measurement and hot water supply, making the vaccination service more intimate and reassuring.In the next step, Apple Orchard Street will continue to strengthen the publicity and service level, do a good job of vaccination for the elderly over 60 years old, and build a strong regional health immune barrier.

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