Year two, dedicated to my circle of friends!

On the second day of the New Year, the New Year opens, the reunion festival, the happy moment, please receive blessing!A career blessing to you, I wish you a promotion;A happy blessing to you, I wish you smile;A reunion blessing to you, I wish you family harmony;A good luck to you, I wish you everything!In the New Year, I wish everyone in my circle of friends good luck without bad temper.There are no false friends, are true feelings;No worries, is a good mood;Will not be wronged, there will always be someone hurt!Best wishes to parents and parents!I hope my parents, good health, wish my parents, peace and prosperity.Your peace is my greatest comfort.The New Year bless the old, want to have, there is no trouble in life, worry less and less, the body is getting better and better!Bless the bosom lover!All the way, you were by my side;Accompany you all the year round.My love, thank you have been with me, support me, encourage me, tolerance me.Is you let me know, what is happiness and sweetness, the rest of my life I will cherish more.In the New Year, I wish my lover a happy life, no worries at work and a smooth career.Best wishes to friends and friends!Along the way, the most happy than have 35 good friends, usually get together at leisure, the in the mind something to talk about, when the need to help each other, really not adulterated!I am grateful to my friends, who have always been by my side, never abandon me and treat me well like relatives.The New Year, bless my friends, wish you all the things you want can have!Bless you!Those who have helped me in adversity, those who have helped me in abjection, those who have no conditions for my good people, are the nobles in my life!Thank you for the past year, sincere helping hand, sincere pay.The New Year, I wish you good health, if you need, I will come!How many passes one has to go through in one’s life to stay with each other?This life to experience how many together discrete, to become friends with each other?Lucky to know, is my blessing;Fate is rare, the rest of my life more cherish!The second day of the year, this article is dedicated to my circle of friends, I wish my friends, the New Year, everything is good!The year of the Tiger must be an auspicious year. I wish you a happy Spring Festival and all the best!

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