Hainan has realized the province-wide collection and expenditure of industrial injury insurance funds since April 1

With the consent of the provincial government, the Implementation Plan of Hainan Province on the Collection and Expenditure of Industrial Injury Insurance Fund (hereinafter referred to as the Plan) was issued on February 15.According to the “plan”, on the basis of the provincial adjustment fund system of the industrial injury insurance fund in Our province, the centralized collection and expenditure of the industrial injury insurance fund will be realized in the whole province from April 1, 2022.The main contents of the program include: First, the provincial-level collection and expenditure of industrial injury insurance funds are implemented.The provincial finance department has set up a special financial account of the provincial industrial injury insurance fund, which is used to receive the income of industrial injury insurance premium, interest income, fiscal subsidy income and other income.Orgnaization of social insurance agency set up at the provincial level provincial expenditure, receive fund fiscal revenue is dialed, temporary pay of inductrial injury insurance, and the account treatment of frequent occurrence of interest income and receiving returned, receiving treatment of recourse against the first payment, pay the fund spending money, to the fiscal revenue state interest income, the account to the allocated funds expenditure at all levels.Expenditure accounts at all levels shall be reserved for receiving the funds allocated by provincial expenditure accounts, temporarily depositing the interest income of the account, receiving payment funds returned from original channels, allocating funds disbursed by funds, and paying interest income of the account into special provincial financial accounts.2 it is to execute whole province unified inductrial injury insurance policy handles.Unify ginseng to protect scope and ginseng to protect object, all kinds of unit of choose and employ persons in the province lawfully participate in inductrial injury insurance for all employees of this unit, construction engineering construction project according to relevant provisions according to the project to participate in inductrial injury insurance;Workers with flexible employment, including those in new forms of business, will be gradually covered by work-related injury insurance.We unified policies and payment standards for workers’ compensation insurance.The provincial standard rate of industrial injury insurance from the first to the eighth categories shall be unified, and the unified national policy of phased rate reduction shall be implemented. The specific standard of industrial benchmark rate can be adjusted timely according to the changes of economic and industrial risks in Our province.We will standardize payment standards for work-related injury insurance benefits.Pay relevant compensation fees according to the national and provincial provisions of the industrial injury insurance treatment items and standards, further optimize the adjustment and determination mechanism of disability treatment;To unify the identification of industrial injury and labor ability in the whole province.The whole province shall unify the work regulations for the identification of work-related injuries and the management measures for the identification of labor capacity, and implement the mutual recognition and general use of the conclusions of the identification of labor capacity;Unified centralized information management system.In the existing urban workers, on the basis of social insurance management information system, according to the province’s fund of inductrial injury insurance unified collection work state requirements for system upgrade, the construction of the whole province unified information management system of inductrial injury insurance, and public service platform to the provincial government big data and data open platform of e-government information resources sharing and open infrastructure interconnectivity and information sharing;Unified management and service procedures.According to the actual in our province, the province unified the orgnaization of business of inductrial injury insurance regulations formulated, the cities and counties in orgnaization of social insurance agency shall be handled in accordance with the business procedures of inductrial injury insurance of the whole province unified the inductrial injury insurance business, report regularly to orgnaization of social insurance agency at the provincial level of inductrial injury insurance provincial plan as a whole related reports and relevant information, speed up the implementation of inductrial injury insurance agency business standardization and normalization.Third, provincial-level budgets for industrial injury insurance funds were formulated uniformly.The provincial human resources and social security department and social insurance agency shall compile the provincial fund budget uniformly, and the provincial finance department shall review and summarize and compile the provincial fund budget, which shall be implemented after the approval of legal procedures.Fourth, we will implement responsibility sharing and strengthen regulation of the fund gap.In provincial unified collection work state, provincial government policy making, the establishment of fund budget, fund their value and supervise the budget implementation, issued on covering collects pay task, target assessment, such as responsibility, cities and counties in execution of the budget, the government assumes execution policy, ginseng protect surface reinforcement, treatment for approval, pay distribution, agency service, fund supervision work responsibilities.Source: Hainan Daily client reporter: Liang Zhenjun Correspondent: Li Jingyun Duty Director: Rong Hai Duty Director: Yuan Feng Content review: Lin Ye Responsible editor: Zhang Yuntong

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