Official comeback!Li Chunjiang, the CBA champion forward who defected to his mentor, was unsentimental

The third phase of the CBA is expected to begin at the end of this month, with teams recruiting for the final stretch of the regular season and preparing for the playoffs.Chinese basketball Association (CBA) champion forward Zhang Chunjun has officially returned to shanxi to join his mentor Yang Xuezeng, according to media outlet “Jiangnan City”.Shanxi men’s basketball team will register Zhang chunjun as soon as the CBA window period expires.Actually Yang Xuezeng and through the Shanghai team’s contract until the end of the season, spring river become Shanghai team coach on the first day, and Zhang Chunjun, xu-dong luo, zhao-xu zhang said hello to veteran, cultivating young players, probably won’t use them, a lot of fans say spring river do not speak, actually coach is to be like this, give to you!Eventually Zhang Zhaoxu went to tianjin team, and Luo Xudong and Zhang Chunjun did not find a new home, Shanghai team has bought out Luo Xudong and Zhang Chunjun’s contract.Under the leadership of Yang Xueceng, Shanxi team has made great progress this season, ranking second in the league in scoring per game and second in the league in 3-pointers per game.After the two stages, The record of Shanxi Team was 17 wins and 11 losses, ranking the ninth place. In fact, in the second half of the second stage, Shanxi team was very bad, losing to Jilin Team, Guangzhou team and Shandong team respectively, ending with three consecutive defeats.Window period, Yang Xuezeng begins to undertake small repair small fill to lineup, had a eye on zhang Chunjun, the two sides reach agreement.Zhang, who has played in Zhejiang Chouzhou, Sichuan, Shandong and Shanghai, is a veteran of 11 seasons in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). He is experienced and flexible enough to play the second, third and fourth positions.The highlight of Zhang’s career was at Sichuan, when Yang led them to a victory over Liaoning to win the tournament. Zhang is one of Yang’s favorite players and played a vital role in the finals.Zhang Chunjun is already 34 years old, playing under his mentor for the second time, can he rejuvenate?

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