Some scenic spots in Yanbian prefecture are under construction in an orderly manner

Recently, I state part of the scenic area project began orderly construction.April 2, Yanji dinosaur kingdom machine roar, the workers of the dinosaur culture garden area of 10 individual buildings careful operation, the main hall, indoor decoration, scenic area door and other aspects is the main task at this stage.With the rise of temperature, the construction site has a large area of construction conditions.”In order to resume work and production, the scenic spot made epidemic prevention and control plans and emergency plans in advance, and prepared sufficient epidemic prevention materials to ensure safe and orderly construction,” said An Liwei, head of the Yanji Dinosaur Kingdom project.It is understood that Yanji dinosaur kingdom plan is divided into two phases of construction, one contains yanji history and culture museum, gold bean art theater, happy water world, indoor dinosaur hall, etc.;Phase II includes hot spring resort hotel, large outdoor water park, etc.April 3, and longguang east village rice hejian children’s paradise project has been cleared out of the site is about to construction.Reported that this year, east village planning new light between rice grain TongYe garden project and of pet projects, with all the traffic, web celebrity pit dad car, children single tractors, excavators, large straw children sculpture, farming experience area, children straw DIY experience area, animal intimate contact area and several suitable for parent-child family travel web celebrity clock in photo zone.The daohejian Children’s Wild Paradise project, which covers 11,000 square meters and is set to open in late May, is located near the rice field in Guangdong Village.Antu Songhua village b&B upgrading project is in preparation.Songhua village currently has 10 b&Bs that can accommodate more than 100 guests at a time, according to the official of the scenic spot.This year, we will continue to cooperate with the village collective to transform idle houses into b&BS, increase the income of the village collective, and improve the reception capacity of the scenic spot. It is expected to double the reception capacity after completion.In addition, the scenic area also plans to build a camping base this year, rich research content.Both projects will be completed in July.Workers plant trees to beautify the soft environment of piyanshan Hot Spring ancient village project on April 3, 2019.”In preparation for the resumption of work and production, we are making all-out efforts to repair amusement equipment and facilities, hoping to bring a safer and more comfortable leisure environment for citizens and tourists after the opening of Piyan Mountain scenic spot,” said an official of the scenic spot.Yanbian Morning Post Reporter Zhang Jing Source: Yanbian Morning Post Editor: Li Ying Yanbian Morning Post All rights reserved.

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