Sonorous roses bloom!”You can always trust the Chinese women’s football team!

Late February 3, 2022 women’s Asian cup semi-final in the western Indian city of pune schiff jia, Patty stadium in China’s star king out cream and two behind, doggedly to equalise twice, in 120 minutes with the defending champions Japan were 2 than 2, and win on penalties.In the absence of China’s top star Wang Shuang due to a foot injury, coach Shui Qingxia opted to withdraw from the game at the start.The Japanese team, which has the advantage of possession rate, organized the attack continuously.In the 26th minute, Riko Uechi headed home a cross from the left to give Japan a 1-0 lead at the end of the half.At halftime, Shui Qingxia replaced xiao Yuyi and Zhang Xin two attackers in one breath, the adjustment immediately received a miracle effect, only 1 minute into the second half, Xiao Yuyi left cross, Wu Chengshu followed up with a left foot push into the goal, the two sides tied 1-1.From then on, China’s defense was significantly firmer than in the first half, allowing Japan to hold the ball repeatedly without success.The two teams were tied for 90 minutes.In extra time, The Japanese continued to charge, and in the 102nd minute, riko Ueki headed home a pass from a teammate.At the crucial moment, China did not give up. In the 119th minute, Zhang Xin sent a precise cross from the left and captain Wang Shanshan scored from inside the penalty area to tie the score 2-2 and enter a penalty shootout.In the penalty shootout, Chinese goalkeeper Zhu Yu saved Japan captain Sakashi Kumagai’s shot on the first try of the match, only for Zhang Xin to kick the ball wide.After that, the two sides each scored 3 penalties. In the crucial fifth round, Zhu Yu saved the Japanese team’s shot again, and Wang Shanshan put the ball into the net firmly, and China won!Qualify for the final of this Asian Cup!In the other semi-final, South Korea beat the Philippines 2-0, so China will play South Korea for the championship.After the match, Wang reposted the news of her victory on weibo with a caption: “You can always trust the Chinese women’s football team!”The Chinese women’s football team final against the Korean women’s football team at 7pm on February 6th.We cheer for the sonorous roses together!Comprehensive sources of the governor of Chang ‘an Avenue: Beijing Daily client (reporter: Zhao Xiaosong), the official weibo account of China Women’s Football Team, the official wechat account of Xinhua News Agency, wang Shuang’s personal weibo account, etc

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