Velanda offers $10 million for a limited time

Gac Toyota Veranda high energy debut, 3 kinds of power combination & four-wheel drive system, priced from 171,800, 0 down payment new car drive home!① To the shop to see the car test drive send a beautiful gift;② A small number of car special discount flash sale;③ The success of the order to give guangfeng any model to send a mysterious gift;④ 0 down payment car/finance 0 interest, new car value preservation!⑤ Free evaluation of used cars, high market recycling, high replacement subsidies, and one-stop service more intimate!Old customers to introduce friends and relatives to buy cars exclusive courtesy!Buy a new car to Guangfeng United, 15 years of star shop, intimate service, affordable policy, now call 18675427564 or click below “inquiry”, to the shop can get exclusive network gift 1!Promotion time from January 31, 2022 to January 31, 2022 Velanda latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Shantou quotation Two-engine 2.5L two-drive leading version 205,800 Yuan 10,800 yuan 195,800 yuan two-engine 2.5LTwo drive premium edition 239,800 yuan 229,800 yuan double engine 2.5L two drive science and technology edition 242,800 yuan 232,800 yuan double engine 2.5L two drive luxury edition 228,800 yuan 218,800 yuan double engine 2.5LFour-wheel drive deluxe edition 241,800 yuan 10,000,000 yuan 231,800 yuan 2.0L two-drive leading edition 171,800 yuan 10,400 yuan 167,800 yuan 2.0L two-drive distinguished edition 21,800 yuan 10,600 yuan 205,800 yuan 2.0L two-drive science and technology edition 22,800 yuan 10,600 yuan 206,800 yuan 2.0LFour-wheel drive technology edition 226,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 228,800 yuan 2.0L Four-wheel drive distinguished edition 226,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 228,800 yuan 2.0L two-wheel drive deluxe edition 198,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 192,800 yuan 2.0L four-wheel drive deluxe edition 207,800 yuan 0.600 yuan 201,800 yuan

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