Suqian: “Tiger” force to open a new round of progress while maintaining stability

Suqian network news (reporter Zhang Hu correspondent Jiao Wei) “our normal production during the Spring Festival, all production lines to take 24 hours do not stop production to rush orders, products are mainly sold to the Middle East and South Africa and other countries.”In the workshop of Jiangsu Baoheng New Material Technology Co., LTD., located in sucheng Economic development Zone, workers are rushing to make orders for a batch of milky white glass tableware destined for the Middle East. Yao Gaochao, deputy general manager of the company, reminds workers to pay attention to the quality of the products while introducing them.Jiangsu Baoheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, with a total investment of about 1.5 billion yuan, mainly engaged in the research and development of new material technology, crystal porcelain products, jade porcelain products and other production, processing and sales.During the Spring Festival, the workers of the company stick to the production line and rush to make orders, which is a vivid epitome of the enterprises in Sucheng District speeding up production and making progress while maintaining stability.After the Spring Festival, all walks of life in Suicheng District are full of enthusiasm to meet the New Year’s work challenges, the scene of hard work and fast work can be seen everywhere.In the workshop of Jiangsu Tianshuo Medical Supplies Co., LTD., the fully automated production line and the domestic top production equipment are running at high speed, and all the workers are busy in their respective positions.”Our company did not stop production during the Spring Festival, leaving about 130 people to work overtime.”The company production vice minister Liu Lianqin said.Day: health is one specialized is engaged in the balloon, medical gloves, examination gloves, disposable sterilized gloves, gloves and other products research and development, production and sales of enterprises, the project introduction of foreign advanced latex products production technology, the construction of article 58 and all kinds of quality testing instruments, automatic production assembly line can produce all types of balloon in 3 billion 2 billion, gloves, refers to the set of 1.2 billion.”In April 2021, we started the construction of the second phase of the project, which has completed the main construction of five production plants and is expected to be fully completed by September 2022.”Liu Lianqin said.Project xing, industry xing;When industry is stable, the economy is stable.Sucheng District insists on taking industry as the foundation of a strong district. In 2021, the output value of the “3+4” industries in the district will increase by 3 percentage points in the total industrial output value, the growth rate of the output value of the four leading industries will exceed 60%, and the output value of the 15 key industrial chains listed in the municipal examination will exceed 20 billion yuan, with an increase of 34%.11 new enterprises with invoicing sales of more than 100 million yuan, including 1 enterprise with sales of more than 1 billion yuan, 16 new city-level “specialized and special new” small giant enterprises, 2 city-level industrial Internet benchmark factories, completed 35 technical transformation projects.In 2022, Sucheng District will continue to regard industry as the “backbone” of high-quality development, and strive to promote high-end green industry.Speed up the construction of a modern industrial system, vigorously carry out the “Excellent industrial chain” competition, make every effort to expand, strengthen and improve the “3+4” industrial system, promote the three leading industries to strengthen the horizontal chain, vertical chain extension, actively seize development opportunities, speed up the four leading industries to establish chains.We will accelerate efforts to make enterprises bigger and stronger, support key enterprises in expanding their size and small and micro enterprises in entering the stock market according to relevant regulations, make solid progress in technological upgrading, mergers and reorganizations of enterprises, and actively promote the listing of enterprises.Accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, vigorously promote the development of the digital economy, carry out the “smart to digital transformation” action, promote the in-depth integration of “5G+ industrial Internet”, promote industrial breakthroughs at a faster pace, and constantly push the economic development of the region to a new level.

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