Actress Jiao Jiao has complained about her absence from the stage for three years

In the early hours of February 10, actress Jiao Jiao started live streaming again.In addition to that he left the mountain media reason is to be hidden, restrictions, but also revealed that he has been very weak, wronged.In the live broadcast, Jiao Jiao also emphasized for the first time that he does not involve any hidden rules with anyone of the mountain media, all the “hidden rules” news are rumors, but because it has not been completely terminated, so at present can only say that he is unemployed.It is not hard to see from the whole live broadcast, Jiao Jiao seems to be full of resentment toward “master” Zhao Benshan, feel that she wasted her best time, restricted her chances of fame, become a celebrity.During the livestream, jiao Jiao was asked by a fan if she and Zhao had fallen out over money. Jiao answered positively no, but stressed that it was not the time for her to reveal details.Despite this, Jiao Jiao repeatedly stressed that she was “underappreciated”, and even directly said, “I can play what others play, why not let me play?””, even revealed that he had been hidden from the show since three years ago and had even been asked to be replaced.It is worth noting that Jiao Jiao also shed tears many times during the live broadcast. It is not hard to see that she feels she has been filled with grievances over the years.At the end of the live broadcast, Jiao Jiao said that she did not have the so-called “Wolf ambition”. The reason why she fell out with the “old artist” under pressure was that no one could not grasp herself, but that she was influenced and suppressed by others. Therefore, it was better to turn around and tell the truth than not to do anything.A few days ago, actress Jiao Jiao suddenly announced her withdrawal from Benshan Media on social media platforms, and then revealed in a live broadcast that her ex-husband’s investment failure, her career is not happy and Zhao Benshan.Although Jiao Jiao is confident, there is no “evidence” listed.In the face of speculation doubts, Jiao Jiao himself repeatedly stressed that he would not because of “small things” and Zhao Benshan teacher open “break”, but now is not convenient to disclose details, because he did not clear the termination procedures.It is understood that actress Jiao Jiao, whose real name is Zhang Yujiao, has not only boarded many local TV variety shows, but also appeared on the stage of “comedian” in the form of assisting guests.Years ago, Jiao Jiao was praised by Zhao Benshan as the “ugly female” performer the most promising one.Although so, but from three years ago, Jiao Jiao almost rarely appeared on the stage and variety, although starred in a film outside the mountain media, but was exposed to box office is not ideal.In the past two years, actress Jiao Jiao has been turning herself into an online celebrity and has captured millions of fans with her past popularity.In any case, I hope Jiao Jiao can rationally deal with their various disputes, entanglements, do not affect their reputation because of a temporary impulse.Do you think Jiao Jiao is trying to get attention for traffic?

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