All three cars are very good. Which one do I end up looking at?Experts say: buy!

All three cars are very good. Which one do I end up looking at?Experts say: buy!Dear readers, here you are at last. First of all, I would like to thank you for your advice and wish my dear Jiang Dong father good luck and good health. Well, the author mainly talks about these mobility vehicles this time:As we know, MPV has a large space and a wide range of uses, which not only has the outstanding advantages of low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs, but also gives people a feeling of pure and bony, which is unmatched by other models. It is loved by most workers and serves as a travel vehicle for many people who work for food.The following xiaobian will be quite relevant to the unique vision for everyone to talk about the characteristics of the colorful, attractive affordable models, they are my friends driving experience of the experience of refining.I hope you’ll give me a hand.The first model jiaji selling price: 94,800 ~ 142,800 Description of Jiaji sales: Jiaji is carefully polished by Geely Automobile, since its debut in the domestic market, of course, it is relatively brilliant, and Jiaji transaction price is also very attractive, so it has won the support and pursuit of a lot of car friends.After a small series of inquiries: In recent years, Jiaji has made great progress again, ranking 23rd in the MPV performance list with a good result of 0.1,300 units, making great progress. At the same time, Jiaji is recognized by the public as an outstanding and most eye-catching high-quality model, and it has beaten some outstanding models in the MPV group.In other words, there is absolutely no thing without any flaws, but I still believe, as always, that jiaji’s charm is still deserved.Because jiaji no problem product advantages are visible to consumers.Jiaji’s core charm can be said to be beyond doubt, the turnover performance is expected to be gratifying in the near future.The visual feeling of the front face of Jiaji is very touching to me. The car paint looks quite personalized, and the personalized lines of Jiaji are very smooth, especially in line with my aesthetic taste.In addition, jiaji’s personalized head, and quite smooth double line slightly up, so that jiaji’s high-end feeling more clear, look up the sense of strength is full.And with the shining LED fog lamp group integrated, waist line is also quite thick, looking at a special sense of layering.Physique review: Jiaji’s front and back row space is still quite abundant, looking very comfortable.Compared to other MPV models with similar prices are also rich, in addition, Jia Ji’s storage space is also particularly good, is undoubtedly reliable.Its length, width and height are 4706mm, 1909mm and 1690mm, even if the rear row space is sitting on three mm is not particularly crowded.So Jiaji is very good.So even give Jiaji 10W like is not too much.And the trunk size is good enough to fit a lot of stuff in.It’s definitely comparable to the dorm in terms of practicality, which is good.In addition to the brilliant appearance, scattered well outside the interior, Jiaji’s power is quite outstanding, its power up to 184PS, with 7 wet double clutch gearbox, therefore, Jiaji’s power is very strong.It can be a great boon for many 7 wet double clutch lovers.In addition, cast iron is another characteristic of Jiaji, so it has extraordinary rust resistance.Displacement configuration, Jiaji displacement performance is absolutely “thief” bull, there is no self-priming version, the current jiaji displacement is 1.8T.Pertinent comment: Jiaji is a special characteristic in many MPV at the same level.Jia Ji is pretty good-looking, looking like a awe-inspiring cat.Very handsome.At the same time, the interior space of Jiaji is practical, it is comfortable to sit on the seat, and its handling is also great, worthy of geely auto to build one of the sales force.Car Friends comment 2:Fuel economy of the jia international drivers also a special praise, of course, presumably because jia international adopted unique oil control device, in terms of the present stage, the next jia international in addition to the daily commute in the city to run, sometimes home visit occasionally go to the high speed, look so heavy a models, fuel consumption is lower,At present, the fuel consumption value shown on the table is about 8.7 liters per 100 kilometers, which should be within the normal range. It should also be called low fuel consumption in the competitive MPV market.Therefore, xiaobian is very happy, and partners have praised Jiaji is worth boasting.To be honest, if you are driving for a long time in the unfrequented Gobi, I believe the fuel consumption should be relatively higher.For xiaobian, a young man who has not entered the wto deeply, only need to save a little bit of dating expenses, then barely reimburse the oil expense for half a month.That’s a good one.The better the fuel economy, the better the purchase in good conscience.Although the run-in time of the front suspension assembly is not particularly long, but I hope that out of the run-in period, Jiaji fuel consumption will continue to decline.Professional comments: believe many cyclists will have such a feeling: suspension system is hale and hearty, although in the process of driver drove particularly generous, but each time you enter deceleration road, really afraid of the whole car will spread, sometimes the car items all vibrations go a, elderly passengers, sit inside may feel uncomfortable P shares.Then jiaji chassis area often hear the tire noise and abnormal sound problem, especially when the uneven and steep road will be more serious, there is a faint feeling of power in the process of shifting is very small, in addition, 1.The smell of plastic air conditioning is particularly uncomfortable.In many cases, jiaji’s Bluetooth key connection is abnormal; 3. The noise reduction effect is somewhat unsatisfactory. Model 2 Wuling Journey: Price range: 75,800 ~ 90,800 This Wuling journey simply captures the hearts of young consumers, making many friends have a unique feeling of confusion and ecstasy.Before the face of the whole fabric of wuling journey very powerful, very slender, like a lifelike lion head, the first modest, look up is relatively good, and narrow the handle of wuling journey sparkling inlay the chromium plated adornment also have two big shiny led headlamp unit at the top of the left and right sides, look up and have a strong sense of luxurious feeling.And the car side adopts the current mainstream slip back modeling, the car side waist line is characteristic, through the “dragon beard” line has been slowly sliding away from the B pillar, directly surrounded by the rear part of the car to the front, looking very large, and the Wuling journey car paint is relatively thin, very handsome.It can be said that wherever the Wuling journey goes, it is very sunny.The design of the tail box is very comfortable, and the two LED taillights at the back are very high-end, and when lit, they are quite beautiful.Therefore, I believe that many successful people have this feeling: the appearance style of Wuling Journey is very imaginative.My friend in those days started this Wuling journey probably because of its appearance.Shen Dajie, a senior car owner, commented on Wuling Journey in this way: “WHEN I am not busy at work, I will go to the offline experience store to play a few times and get addicted to my hands. At present, I feel that the noise reduction effect of the new Wuling Journey is quite in place, and it is quite quiet when driving. Even though the quality is so heavy and the car is still so long, the control is very good.The third model Sea Lion X30L 46,800 ~ 58,800 appearance overview: appearance, the front of this model is really super condensed, the silver and white fine trim front grille is very shining, very beautiful.At the same time, the sea Lion X30L front face position of the headlamp style is quite temperament, sea lion X30L chassis is quite low, especially solid, even in muddy roads and other harsh scenarios run up is also very confident.There is no lock the lines of the body, with a lovely body, slender and concise, in addition, its taillight is very strange, at the same time in the details are also very good, the vehicle to the next very extraordinary sense of expensive.More beautiful and eye-catching than the previous Sealion X30L.Interior advantages of the interior is also very practical, the material is very enough, good work, easy to control, at the same time rotating buttons and physical keys have a good sense of damping, this is the sea lion X30L of the relevant evaluation.At the same time, sea Lion X30L steering wheel is made of leather material, feel is also “times” SHU fu, accurate adjustment, so that the steering and cornering process is more relaxed.Commendable is that the sea lion X30L chair back is not soft or hard, the processing of the degree of adhesion is also very nice, at the same time, the use of skin-friendly leather materials covered, even can not be said to be any defects, it is worth noting that sea lion X30L has not found the slightest odor.Meanwhile, the noise inside the car is almost inaudible.Therefore, the author is very pleased.Power, sea lion X30L acceleration response can be said to be very straightforward, is simply handsome, start and accelerate when the power does not drag, basically gently step on the accelerator, can achieve overtaking.At the same time, it is not particularly difficult to climb the hill, and the noise reduction performance is also quite good. If you don’t feel seriously in daily life, the “roar” noise of the machine is basically unheard-of. In addition, because the original power is very good, and the author is mostly commuting, there is no need to upgrade the power configuration of Haishi X30L too much.Sea lion X30L owner Mr. Xiong said: appearance level good space, is my best evaluation of sea lion X30L.The locomotive model of flowing light overflow color, the headlamp of the locomotive used a school of one’s own style, brightness also is pretty good.At the same time, the net position of Haishi X30L adopts the mouth type surrounding structure, the thick chrome plated strip and the unique headlights form a standardized design, which looks very fashionable and personalized. The multi-wheel hub of Haishi X30L can be said to be a symbol of leading the fashion trend.The size is also very harmonious, no matter the size or production technology and other aspects are more bright.The shape looks very outstanding.There is a special sense of both visual and side view, the surface of the decorative board below is inlaid with the eye-catching LOGO of Huachen Xinyuan, which is more colorful than competing products with similar prices.The car runs so quietly!As a Volkswagen MPV model, sea Lion X30L fuel consumption is ok.Generally speaking, the price of Sea Lion X30L is “thief” reliable, the high-end version can take home without 50,000 tickets, since we bought the sea lion X30L, we often go out for a ride.Car Friends comment 2:I was engaged in garment industry, and thus like a tall, common I don’t not bashful open out of MPV, however, after bought sea lions X30L next led the old man, children go out every time feel very face, touch the steering feel particularly comfortable, science and technology are also very cool, children often ask me what sea lions X30L is outside?I told you sealion X30L was the perfect mount for your dad.Car friends comment 3:Satisfied, my opinion of sea lions X30L is quite satisfactory, not only brand strength, and great comfort, since I was young, I like the car, after a long struggle, finally is to buy a car belonging to her own sea lions X30L, this horse is comfortable, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, fuel consumption is not high also, is meets the requirements of many of my.The haishi X30L handles well and runs like an electric car. In this article, the three MPV models shared above are 4.68W, 7.58W and 9.48W respectively.In fact, the retail price of models from different manufacturers varies widely.For example, the lowest land prices of Jiaji, Wuling Journey and Haishi X30L in China are 114,800, 63,800 and 47,800.Do you like jia Ji or Sea lion X30L?Finally, I wish you a successful and prosperous future.If you like xiaobian, remember one key three even.All three cars are very good. Which one do I end up looking at?Experts say: buy!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Car Xiao Wang

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