Henan is famous for its Yellow River, which flows 700 kilometers inside the province, and its hanging river, which rises 14 meters above the ground

The Yellow River is the mother river of Our country. The part south of the Yellow River is called Henan, which is also Henan province of our country.Henan province has rich tourism resources and a long history. It not only has beautiful natural scenery, but also is a place where the essence of ancient Chinese culture gathers together. More importantly, Henan is an important birthplace of Chinese surnames, with more than 100 surnames in China originated from here.There are a lot of scenic spots in Henan. Today I would like to introduce Laojun Mountain, which covers an area of more than 2000 hectares and is a 5A national scenic spot with beautiful scenery and mild climate and unique features in every season.In spring, laojun Mountain is full of vitality and the pleasant climate makes people feel comfortable. In summer, people can feel cool even in hot weather with the flowing waterfalls and dense water mist. Therefore, Laojun Mountain is also known as a summer resort in summer.Autumn leaves fluttering, no sense of depression, some just quiet grace.In winter, the snowflakes fall, and the whole Laojun Mountain is wrapped in snow. The snowflakes cover every scenic spot in the scenic area, just like a gift from nature to Laojun Mountain.Continuous peaks, lofty spectacular, here there are flying waterfalls, pentium, waterfall sound like playing a wonderful music.In addition to these other natural attractions, Laojun Mountain is also a sacred place for Taoism.It is reported that Lao Tzu once retired in this practice, here rich cultural heritage, also attracted a lot of people to go.Another interesting feature of laojun Mountain scenic spot is that people with the surname li and Zhang are exempted from admission, mainly because of the commemoration of Li er and Zhang Tian Master.Whether or not the free admission is a marketing gimmick, it’s enough to get people to go, because the view is amazing and people who visit will rave about it.Laojun Mountain, Henan Province, has become a popular tourist destination on the Internet, attracting many people to visit. Of course, some people also come to Henan for its delicious food, such as Hu spicy soup, which is very distinctive food. Simple ingredients are made together, but the taste is so wonderful.Henan stewed noodles soup is delicious, noodles are very strong, eat a mouthful of aftertaste, oil steamed bun head is henan people’s favorite, and churros are very similar, but more compact.Daokou roast chicken has a history of one hundred years. It is golden in color, fragrant and tender in meat.Laojun Mountain in Henan province attracts tourists with its beautiful scenery and long history, and the gimmick of free admission makes it even more desirable.However, some people think that there is discrimination in the way of free admission. What do you think about this?

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