Warm heart!The old man lived alone in the old city and was rescued by police and civilian doctors

According to a report by Tang Jie, correspondent of Eastday.com on April 4, the elderly living alone have become a group that needs special attention in the quarantinable communities under the epidemic. The cadres of the neighborhood committee, the community police, neighbors and volunteers have worked together to help each other and weave a care network to protect the elderly living alone.On the afternoon of April 1, Laoximen dispatched by huangpu Public Security Bureau received an alarm from residents of longmen Village, a gated community, saying that an old man who lived alone fainted at home and was in urgent need of help.Police rushed to the scene for the first time, learned that the old man who fainted is living in Shangwen Road 133 Lane Wang, 61 years old this year.Because wang suffers from a variety of basic diseases, but also due to sudden cerebral hemorrhage into the rescue room, so has been the neighborhood cadres, community police, neighbors and volunteers special concern of the object.Just a few days before the closure, the community police specially came to find wang’s next-door neighbor, ask for help to take care of, pay attention to the old man’s snoring.That day, as usual, the neighbor took advantage of the old man wang nap came to his door, but did not hear snoring, there is no other sound in the house, call also did not answer, they pushed the door to check, found the old man Wang actually lying in bed unconscious, so quickly called the police station for help.Police quickly contacted 120 emergency vehicles to the scene, after the initial examination of the medical staff, judging that the old man wang department sudden cerebral hemorrhage, and on the spot to take first aid measures.Subsequently, the police came to the neighborhood committee for transport certification materials, to assist the medical staff to send the elderly 120 emergency vehicles to the Ninth People’s Hospital for further treatment.At present, Wang has been out of life danger and transferred to Changzheng Hospital for further treatment. His family members were so moved that they called the police station to express their gratitude to the police.

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