“Everything goes well” Nantong launched 66 measures to optimize and improve the business environment

The whole process of opening enterprises is “paperless and do not meet”;Deepening the “do not meet” transaction of public resources;Major project construction project “One certificate” construction permit……At the beginning of the New Year, guided by the demand of the whole life cycle of market players, Nantong launched 66 measures to optimize and improve the business environment of Nantong, sending out a strong signal of building a first-class business environment.Market entities will enjoy a more “sense of gain” business environment, and there will be no end to “excellence”.Nantong launched a new round of business environment optimization “starting gun” on August 8.Nantong 2022 published by the the “doing business promotion year” implementation opinion “is divided into the guiding ideology, the goals and objectives, major tasks and organization guarantee four parts, to the first-class, fully learn from Shanghai, suzhou and other advanced cities in mature innovation practice, on the basis of learning from advancing the policy” localization “, build a city “differentiation” advantage.Nantong has put forward 66 optimization and improvement measures in 6 categories to face up to the pain points, difficulties and blocking points in the business environment of Nantong, focusing on strengthening weak points, plugging loopholes and weak points.As one of the important birthplace of national industry and commerce in modern China, Nantong has a tradition of being pro-business and pro-business. It is also one of the earliest cities in China to carry out the pilot reform of “delegating power, regulating and providing services”.However, in recent years, nantong’s business environment does not match the situation of the city entering the “fast lane” of high-speed development, and does not match the mission positioning of giving full play to the important fulcrum role of the integration of Yangtze River Delta and creating an important growth pole of high-quality development of the province. It has come to the critical moment of systematic construction and comprehensive improvement before starting.”A good business environment is productivity and an important guarantee for a city’s investment attractiveness and core competitiveness.”Lu Weidong, standing Committee of CPC Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, pointed out that Nantong should first learn from Shanghai and Southern Jiangsu in terms of business environment to promote deeper connection with Shanghai and integration into southern Jiangsu in a wider range of fields.What kind of business environment can market entities aspire to and the people be satisfied with?According to introducing, to make relevant policy, nantong designed class formed a field investigation, and closely combining the reality of nantong, has been clear about the “deepening the reform of engineering construction examination and approval system” and “improve service level credit enterprise” two big key, the whole life cycle of market main body needs and look forward to as a key, called in several rounds of seminars, for advice,Strive to maximize the gathering of wisdom and reflect the needs of all parties.It is worth noting that this heavy move, especially to strengthen the sense of “gain” :In the process of establishing policy measures research, and promote the government by the “manager” to “the bartender” change of the role of “waiter”, adhere to the customer thinking, pay attention to user experience, each after repeated deliberation, each embodies the “do” should, as soon as the fine style of work, each full of government to the market main body full of honesty and sincerity,We will make it “visible, tangible, felt and affordable” for market entities.The five features cover the “whole life cycle” adhere to the customer thinking, realize the whole chain service, highlight reform and innovation, strive for efficiency and convenience, pay attention to accurate benefits……Close reading “implementation opinions”, these five bright features come.To highlight time limits and solve difficult problems is not only a top-level design, but also a “voluntary action” implemented by departments at all levels — to turn experience into policies and ideas into methods.The 66 measures brought together 32 functional departments of the city’s measures to benefit enterprises and facilitate people, covering the “whole life cycle” needs of market players such as establishment, approval, management and service.For example, in the start-up stage, the implementation of online “one identity verification, one form to fill in the application”, so that the start-up enterprises “do not meet in the whole process, materials free submission”.In the project construction stage, the “forward delay” service of project approval is implemented, and the full-chain agent service mode of major projects is implemented.Promote the land transaction immediately issued construction land planning permit, construction project planning permit, etc.In the enterprise operation stage, the launch of online billing channels, export tax rebate “quick review, quick verification and quick return” and “more than one month return”, open up municipal preferential policies direct platform and many other measures.In the deregistration and withdrawal stage, we will facilitate the deregistration registration of market entities, expand the scope of application for simple deregistration registration, and significantly reduce the time for public announcement.It is worth mentioning that among the 66 measures, more than one third were initiated or implemented first in the province, and some were initiated nationwide.There were 40 cases involving the cancellation or reduction of handling procedures, the reduction of application materials and the reduction of working time limit, and the commitment time limit of all approval items and key service items was 50% and 90% higher than the statutory requirements respectively.Ask politics in the enterprise, ask need in people.In the process of formulating the measures, government departments held symposiums to listen to the opinions and suggestions of enterprises, and introduced a series of targeted measures to benefit enterprises in response to the problems commonly reported by enterprises, so that enterprises can enjoy real convenience and preferential treatment.For example, article 47 “establishes a favorable enterprise policy platform” and implements the favorable enterprise policy of “free application means free enjoyment”. Qualified enterprises can be exempted from applying and directly enjoy the policy.Yin Jianyong, director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, introduced that the 66 articles of “Everything goes well” are based on six aspects: enterprise establishment, approval service, project service, enterprise benefit service, market supervision and rule of law service.Its purpose is to make it easier to start businesses, more efficient in approval services, more accurate in project services, more friendly to enterprises and people, more tender in market supervision, and more standardized in legal services.As much as deployment, as much as implementation.A person in charge of the municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau said that “one scan of the face authentication” instead of “multiple identification”, “electronic seal” instead of “entity seal”, “independent commitment” instead of “site proof”, “one scan of the face, materials free”.The protection of intellectual property rights is to protect innovation, the person in charge of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau introduced, this year to expand the invention patent fast examination channel, improve the matching degree with the layout of the leading industry;To provide precise IP risk prevention and control services for “going global” enterprises in Nantong.The municipal natural resources and planning department takes the real estate registration field as the focal point of business environment reform, implements the “zero materials” for the first registration and declaration of industrial land, and “the certificate is issued upon payment of taxes”;”Hand in the room is issued”, second-hand room “a window for half a day.”Nantong incorporated the work of optimizing the business environment into the municipal government’s special supervision, formulated the evaluation method of optimizing the business environment, and incorporated it into the comprehensive assessment of all localities and relevant departments. The Office of the Municipal Leading Group for Optimizing the Business environment led the inspection work.A special team was set up to monitor the effectiveness of the Year to ensure that every department, every issue and every link was properly implemented.We will solicit opinions and suggestions from all sectors of society, open up channels for entrepreneurs to report problems, set up a complaint hotline, and conduct open investigations and unannounced reports of problems reported by the general public.Timely tracking exposure in the process of service enterprises shirking, passive coping and other behaviors.There is no final version of improving the business environment, only an upgraded version.Article 66 move is only the first step, along with the in-depth development of enhancing the doing business activities, nantong also will be more better policy initiatives, let enterprises pay the least amount of materials, find the least departments, run the least distance, spend the least amount of time, can get a better policy, faster response, better environment, will be “hot” business services,Truly into the “acceleration” of enterprise development.Article | reporter Zhu Beining Peng Junjun

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