Yan Hua’s research in Wugang city: Highlighting Wugang’s achievements in shaoyang’s high-quality development and rural revitalization

Rednet Moment February 19th (Correspondent Yang Lijun) On February 18th, Yan Hua, secretary of shaoyang Municipal Party Committee, investigated industrial development, rural revitalization and cultural and tourism integration in Wugang city.He stressed that we should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, comprehensively implement the deployment requirements of the 12th Provincial and municipal Party Congress, strengthen confidence and work hard to firmly promote high-quality development and rural revitalization to walk in the forefront of Shaoyang, and highlight Wugang’s role in the construction of a modern new Shaoyang.Municipal standing committee, municipal secretary General Xiao Yongjun participated in the investigation.Yan Hua, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, conducted an investigation in Wugang Yongrui Electronic Technology Co., LTD.Wugang Yongrui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a state-level specialized new “little giant” enterprise, ranking first in the domestic construction machinery wiring harness subdivision field.Yan hua made detailed inquiries about the company’s production and sales, scientific research and innovation, and encouraged the company to increase investment in RESEARCH and development, continuously enhance the innovation and competitiveness of the company, and continuously win more market and development space.In Hunan Xiang Xiang Hui Industrial Group Co., LTD., Yan Hua carefully check the enterprise automation production line, understand the enterprise brand construction, employee income, cultural construction and other situations, hope that the enterprise to strengthen the brand, further play the leading role of leading enterprises, constantly extend the industrial chain, drive more people to increase income and get rich.Yan hua pointed out that the park should continue to carry out the activity of “welcoming the hometown to build the hometown”, attract more Shao businessmen to return to the hometown for investment and business, and constantly improve the qualification and efficiency of investment attraction, so as to inject strong momentum for high-quality development.Highlight the project, xing industry, strong entity, focus on cultivating “little giant”, do a strong enterprise, the industrial development results reflected in the per mu benefit.Yan Hua in shaft gate street ancient village village to understand the collective economic development of the village.Xuimen street Ancient mountain village is located in the foothills of Yunshan National Forest Park advantage, actively introduce enterprises to build camp base, research base, to achieve the village collective economic development big jump.Yan hua visited Gushan Village to inspect the construction of beautiful countryside, development of characteristic industries and preparation for spring farming. She hoped that the village would vigorously develop new industries and new forms of business such as rural tourism, promote rural revitalization with industrial revitalization and promote common prosperity of farmers.Yan urged Wugang city to firmly shoulder political responsibility for food security, and ensure stable grain sown area and output without missing the farming season.At the same time, we should take the establishment of provincial-level demonstration counties for rural revitalization as an opportunity to effectively link the achievements of poverty alleviation and expansion with rural revitalization, and strive to form the “Wugang experience” that can be copied and extended, so as to serve as a model and benchmark in the whole city’s rural revitalization.Yan Hua is doing research in Yunshan National Forest Park.At the entrance of yunshan National Forest Park, Yan inspected the implementation of regular epidemic prevention and control measures, and learned about the establishment of national 5A-level tourist attractions at the tourist service center.He called for the creation of national 5A scenic spots to accelerate the upgrading of tourism facilities, constantly optimize the environment of scenic spots, improve the management and service level of scenic spots, and strive to promote the high-quality development of cultural and tourism industry.On the same day, Yan also inspected the wugang City wall and the site of the second Branch of the Huangpu Military Academy, which are key cultural relics under national protection, to understand the historical and cultural context and protection status of the two relics in detail.He pointed out that we should attach equal importance to the protection and development of cultural relics, dig deep into the connotation of history and culture, focus on improving the utilization level of cultural relics resources, accelerate the pace of establishing a national historical and cultural city, and enhance the popularity and reputation of Wugang.

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