The world 36 sets story: Feng Yue home to live

Feng Yue has been waiting for Zhou Nan in the corner, she wanted to know what Luo Shibin and Zhou Nan talked about.Time passed quickly, there were no pedestrians in the street, Feng Yue was two mixed son, want to drag her away.Feng Yue desperately struggle, just Zhou Nan riding the car to see, beat back two people with a stick, save Feng Yue.Feng Yue has scared legs soft, feet can not stand up, Zhou Nan reached out to help her, comfort to let Feng Yue on his shoulder.Hao Dongmei came out to find Feng Yue, saw two people embrace, thought they were in love.Kim Yueyi know, let Hao Dongmei arrange Zhou Bingyi to talk to Feng Yue earlier, do not have an accident.In the Feng Yue sent home soon, Feng Yue into the room, hear dong-mei hao and Zhou Rong on the phone, two people’s views, do not want Feng Yue and in love, but Zhou Rong myself when young had to go to guizhou for love madness, think Feng Yue age right now, not in accordance with the requirements for more than forty years old ideas to her.Hao Dongmei know Zheng Juan’s spiritual pillar is in the light of the word piece respected, and Zhou Bingkun live a good life together, she does not allow Feng Yue and Zhou Nan fall in love, destroy zheng Juan’s spiritual world, so that people know Zhou Nan zheng Juan was raped.Feng Yue in the side to listen to tears, she heard Hao Dongmei with Zhou Rong said, see her and Zhou Nan embrace together, quickly denied, things are not like Hao Dongmei think.Hao Dongmei let Feng Yue sit down, a good inquiry, that Feng Yue was interested in Zhou Nan, but Zhou Nan did not say.Hao Dongmei see Feng Yue zhou Nan feelings have no regard for Zheng Juan’s feelings, blame Feng Yue and Zhou Rong is a kind of person, are so self-centered.Feng Yue was very sad, and Hao Dongmei immediately said good night, back to his room.Zheng Juan at home old see Zhou Nan back, worried to look around the small yard.Zhou Nan went home, Zheng Juan inevitably asked where he was, Zhou Nan only said he was to play with his classmates.The next day, Feng Yue and Zhou Nan met on the road, Feng Yue told Zhou Nan, Hao Dongmei saw them together, also used the word “hug”.Zhou Nan directly said two people are not that kind of relationship, Hao Dongmei misunderstood.Feng Yue knew Zhou Nan didn’t say to Zheng Juan Luo Shibin came to him, think he was cheating Zheng Juan, ride the car to go first.Feng Huacheng came home very late that night, he saw Zhou Rong in order to wait for him to fall asleep on the sofa, the in the mind is very guilty.Zhou Rong got CAI Xiaoguang’s advice, know the root of the problem is here, sincerely apologize to Feng Cheng.Feng Huacheng looked at the transformation of many Zhou Rong, very regret, could not help crying, zhou Rong confused.Feng Yue knew he was living in Zhou Bingyi’s home, has not suitable, offered to go back to Zhou Rong live there.Feng Huarong and Zhou Rong unlock the knot, because they did sorry Zhou Rong, specially bought a lot of food, ready to cook to celebrate.The couple just returned home and saw Feng Yue sitting at the door with their luggage, very surprised.Feng Huarong cooking in the kitchen, Zhou Rong and Feng Yue sitting together chat, let Feng Huarong feel very rare and warm, dinner table, three people for a rare family of three reunion toast to celebrate.Night, Feng Yue as always in the diary, Zhou Rong went in to find Feng Yue chat, just know, Feng Yue is willing to move over, because she is better than Hao Dongmei can understand yourself, and willing to stand on his side.Zhou Rong was touched and inspired, in the process of getting along with mother and daughter, and Feng Yue more and more harmonious, Feng Yue from the bottom of my heart to rely on her as a mother.Wang Zi while Zhou Rong and Feng Yue went out to buy food, the door to find Feng Huarong, invited Feng Huarong to go abroad with her.Zhou Rong’s return, interrupt two people’s dialogue, zhou Rong without knowing, also let Feng Cheng to send Wang Zi.Twinkling of an eye is another year, the Zhou family is happily preparing for the New Year.Wang Zi cooked several dishes by herself, but she was the only one in the house. Facing the cold and empty room, Wang Zi wept and picked dishes.The door suddenly sounded, Wang Zi ran to open the door, to see the door of Feng Into the arms, and he tightly embrace.

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