Anhui Yongda new generation Range Rover officially opened presale

Today, the all-new Range Rover is officially available for pre-sale, the all-new Range Rover and the Range Rover Classic Extended-range model,The recommended pre-sale price is 2,518,800 yuan and 2,098,800 Yuan respectively. The new Range Rover Model extension and the Range Rover model with the new 4.4-liter V8 twin turbocharged engine will showcase the precision luxury and outstanding performance of the new Range Rover.Range rover based on new generation MLA – Flex luxury building electrification architecture, is “to reshape the future strategy” jaguar and land rover launched the first flagship model Loyal to pass: a new generation of range rover with amazing modern exquisite, exquisite craft and to beat the performance of more than 50 years of purely genetic inheritance, leading the industry legend minimalist aesthetics:The new Range Rover combines classic body design with a minimalist approach to proportions, surfaces and lines, creating an aura of grandeur and a unique appeal of neo-modern luxury:The new Range Rover introduces advanced Dynamic Response Pro and four-wheel steering for the first time, bringing first-class luxury and precise Dynamic Response to the quiet cabin:The details are packed with technology to reduce driver fatigue, including a new generation of noise-cancelling speakers built into the headrest of the seat to create a luxurious, tranquil and dignified in-car experience. The all-new Range Rover and The Classic Extended-range Model are available for pre-order today.Stay tuned, other cars version and the official’s suggested retail price for enquiry local dealers new modern luxury flagship work, a new generation of range rover (February 16, 2022, Shanghai) today, seiko luxurious new generation range rover officially open to booking, minimalist aesthetics, quiet cabin when driving feel be at a suit,Innovative interpretation of the new modern luxury unique charm.The all-new Range Rover is available in four different configurations. The pre-sale price of the two models is RMB 2,518,800. The pre-sale price of the all-new Range Rover Classic Extended Edition is RMB 2,098,800.Over 50 years of development, Range Rover combines luxury and comfort with unparalleled mobility. It is not only the pioneer of luxury SUVs, but also a legend that has stood out from its peers and led the industry for more than 50 years.The new Range Rover inherits and rebuilds the Range Rover family’s proud heritage of refined luxury, combining forward-thinking innovation and real-time connectivity with neo-modernist design to make it the most intriguing Range Rover to date.Launched in 1970, the Range Rover has always been the flagship vehicle of the Land Rover brand.To celebrate the launch of the all-new Range Rover, the pre-order launch of the all-new Range Rover takes the ultimate performance and ultimate design of this flagship vehicle to new heights.It is powered by the new P530 twin-turbocharged V8 engine with a maximum power of 530 HP and a peak torque of 750 N · m.Supported by the dynamic start mode, the all-new Range Rover first edition can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds, integrating surging power and smooth output, demonstrating the powerful background of “heart without boundaries” with the winner’s attitude at the top.The all-new Range Rover debuts with a new 4.4-litre P530 twin-turbocharged V8 engine and a series of customised elements to make it even more scarce and appealing.To create an atmosphere of luxury above the peak, the all-new Range Rover first edition is both inside and out, creating a full range of luxury experience for the driver.The exclusive Twilight gold matte finish (optional) and 23-inch 15-spoke silver aluminum alloy wheels, together with the First Edition front lighting welcome plate and the First Edition pattern inset on the panel surface, make the luxurious atmosphere immediately visible.All is unique to 23 inches 15 radial silver aluminum alloy wheel hub effect in addition, a new generation of range rover on inheriting classic multidimensional breakthrough innovation is also reflected in the fusion of luxury and functional range rover starter edition models with tail portal introduced suite outside activities, let costly than stay in wanton all-terrain gallop, but become more warm family,Enjoy a slow-paced outdoor adventure together in a moving castle, creating a truly luxurious wild and luxurious lifestyle.New generation range rover tail activity outside the portal suite introduced a new generation of range rover model extended edition as carrying YingJieLi 3.0 -litre twin turbo engine series of highest configuration models, the open to booking a new generation of range rover model extended edition models, incisively and vividly presented a luxury model and the dynamic performance of double leading power.The all-new Range Rover Classic Extended edition interior features intelligent digital LED headlights and 22-inch 10-radiance dark gray diamond-cut aluminum alloy wheels, making the exterior of the vehicle very recognizable.Luxury semi-aniline perforated leather upholstery and executive seats in the rear provide passengers with the luxury experience of first class.The front row adopts the family classic commanding officer luxurious seat, and has the 24-way electric adjustment and massage function, takes good care of each driver and passenger.The new range Rover model extended edition is also equipped with the MeridianTM sound system with the third generation of active noise reduction technology and the steering wheel heating function, making every trip for enjoyment.Both pre-sales models with luxury semi aniline perforated leather interior and back executive chair, provide first class of luxury ride feel in addition to the standard of four-wheel steering system, the electronic air suspension system and electronic differential lock and after active torque vector distribution system, a new generation of range rover model extended edition models to upgrade with adjustable dynamic model and the whole terrain model.In addition, as a masterpiece of Land Rover brand, the second generation of intelligent all-terrain feedback adaptive system is favored by users.The system has eight driving modes and can automatically adjust the chassis system according to road conditions, reducing the driver’s operating burden.Powertrain: The all-new Range Rover Model Extension is powered by a 3.0-litre twin supercharged Engine powered by The 48-volt mild hybrid, with a maximum output of 400 HP, a peak torque of 550 N · m and a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 5.9 seconds.In addition to dealing with the whole terrain, it has the ride comfort and excellent dynamic driving performance compared to luxury cars, no matter galloping on the highway or through the city rolling traffic, all can be leisurely.At the design level, the new Range Rover, the brand’s latest flagship vehicle, reinterprets this iconic vehicle with breathtaking innovation, elegance and detail.The front of the new Range Rover features a modern, minimalist and elegant design that extends from the front to the back, demonstrating the brand new Range Rover’s extraordinary dignity.Ronal’s signature of three groups of lines constitute the vehicle side outline appearance: slowly tightening the roof line, strong waist line and the threshold of the present higher attitude line, classic element and short powerful before hanging, distinctive style to the rear of the stern harmonious cohesion, smooth transition to the split of split type tail gate design.The rounded door frame line created by the hidden waist trim meets the door glass in a simple and bright form, making the visual effect of the car body and waist line more smooth and coherent, fully showing land Rover’s ingenuity for details.A new generation of a unique range rover to lead to the rear of the design under the new modern luxury design concept lead, a new generation of range rover with the introduction of a special process to build the almost completely flush with the car door the door glass, light part used the black shiny side panel, strengthening the overall appearance of more strength.At the same time, the well-crafted exterior design presents a concise and modern visual effect while reducing the wind drag coefficient to 0.3Cd comparable to sedan models, becoming one of the luxury SUV models with excellent aerodynamic performance.Combining road comfort and all-terrain capability, the all-new Range Rover is equipped with highly connected technology, making it a fully refreshed and upgraded flagship vehicle.Based on Land Rover’s latest EVA 2.0 electrification architecture, the all-new Range Rover has more than 50 electronic control unit support software online Upgrade technology (SOTA) to keep its functions optimised throughout its life cycle.The new Range Rover has introduced intelligent digital LED headlights with a beam range of up to 500m, combining Signature daytime running lights, dynamic turn signals, adaptive high beams and welcome lights. Each piece of exquisite detail adds up to one of land Rover’s most advanced lighting systems ever.Condensation time passing on a whole new generation classic range rover will once again lead luxury all-terrain SUV segment of the market direction to review the development process of more than 50 years, range rover to continually reinvent itself against the tide of time, adhere to the brand concept of “heart boundless” for global customers originality, always lead to become standard in the field of luxury SUV.At present, the new generation of Range Rover leads the luxury all-terrain SUV segment market again with its stunning new modernism and unrevealing powerful performance. Through pioneering engineering technology and forward-looking innovation, it will accompany users to explore more than just, and jointly interpret the future of new modern luxury in self-breakthrough.* The specific models, configurations and pictures shown are subject to the products listed in China, please look forward to them.British luxury all-terrain SUV brand Land Rover has been adhering to the brand spirit of “Above & Beyond heart to Boundless” since its birth in 1948, and is committed to creating all-terrain vehicles that can cope with various road conditions smoothly.Over the past 70 years, Land Rover has continued to explore this mission, continuously improving ATRS All-terrain Technology from three aspects of design, technology and technology, and creating three product families of Range Rover, Discovery and Guardian, growing into a respected luxury all-terrain SUV brand in the world.In 2003, Land Rover officially entered China, bringing Chinese consumers a series of exquisite design, outstanding performance, superior quality products.Since 2015, Land Rover has successively launched the Domestic Rangeland Aurora and The domestic Discovery Sport, and in 2021, the Discovery Sport P300e, Range Rover Evoque L and Rangeland Evoque L P300e, opening a new chapter of the brand’s domestic development.In 2016, a new generation of Land Rover discovery made its debut.The full-size luxury seven-seat SUV redefines the large luxury SUV with upgraded all-terrain capabilities, versatility and multiple smart technologies.In 2017, land Rover launched its new Range Rover Starline, which combines minimalist design, superb craftsmanship, emerging technologies and professional all-terrain capabilities. It won the “2018 China Design Car of the Year”, “2018 China SUV of the Year”, “2018 World Car Of the Year” and other awards.At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2019, the legend of the new Land Rover Defender was reborn.On July 24, 2020, the all-new Land Rover Defender 110 was launched in China amid much anticipation.The new car integrates functional structuralism design, rigorous manufacturing process, powerful all-terrain capability and the configuration of “black technology” in line with the trend of The Times. It will bring the charm products that both inherit the classic and innovate the old for land Rover brand fans.The newly launched Guardian is a product representing all-terrain performance, all-terrain durability and all-terrain functionality in the three product families of Land Rover brand. With a new exclusive platform, two intelligent technologies and three upgraded all-terrain technologies, it sets a benchmark for intelligent digital all-terrain driving in the 21st century.Since its launch in The Chinese market one year ago, the new Guardian has completed the successful evolution from a single model to a family model, from The Guardian 110, the Guardian 90 to the new Guardian 110 P400e, meeting the needs of different consumers with powerful all-terrain capabilities.In the 70-year history of all terrain technology, Land Rover has always focused on the development of new technologies, and combined with rich off-road experience, the all-terrain capability of vehicles has been constantly upgraded in the field of design, technology and engineering, making it a globally renowned label of Land Rover brand.In the future, Land Rover’s all-terrain capability will continue to be upgraded, with more practical all-terrain design, more advanced all-terrain technology, and more exquisite all-terrain technology, highlighting land Rover’s brand concept of “heart to boundless”.Guided by the global strategy of “Reshape the Future”, the company innovatively interprets the “new modern luxury”.New Range Rover (February 16, 2022, Shanghai) Today, the all-new Range Rover of Seiko Luxury officially opens for pre-sale, combining the minimalist aesthetic, quiet cabin and perfect driving experience in an innovative interpretation of the unique charm of new modern luxury.The all-new Range Rover is available in four different configurations. The two models are the highest configurations in the whole series and the pre-sale prices are as follows:The all-new Range Rover Classic Extended Range Rover will be available from March 29, 2022 to March 29, 2022

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