Close-up: The sound of a siren reverberates in the valley

Wuzhou, Guangxi, March 27 (Xinhua) –“Di — DI — DI –” A siren resounded through the valley, is “3·21” China Eastern airlines flight accident site core area operation of armed police fire personnel, is in front of the headquarters busy search and rescue personnel, villagers are transporting supplies in the village…They stood in silence to pay tribute to the 132 victims.March 27 at 14:00, Guangxi Tengxian New Right village valley gloomy weather, mountain rain.On this day, it was the seventh day since the March 21 China Eastern airlines flight accident, and mourning for the victims was held at the search and rescue site where the accident took place.The horns of excavators, forklifts and other rescue vehicles linger for a long time, telling the mourning and memory.Near the core area of the accident, facing the direction of the accident site, according to local customs, three flower baskets were placed. Beside the baskets, a long black table was covered with white and yellow flowers, solemn and simple.On the black banner, a large white lettering read, “We mourn the victims of the March 21 air crash.”Standing in front of the banner, all the members of the National Emergency Response Headquarters and some search and rescue personnel of the March 21 China Eastern MU5735 aircraft accident stood in seven rows, facing the direction of the accident, standing in silence for three minutes.On a hillside not far from the core of the accident, families of the victims have been set up to pay their respects.Incense smoke wafted up to the sky, as if telling grief.At the same time, with the assistance of the local government and the task force, some of the victims’ families also attended the mourning service at the local funeral home.3 minutes is short, but memory is eternal.”Rest in peace!”Liang Kongren, deputy director of the Tengxian Emergency Management Bureau, said after the moment of silence.At a supply center a few kilometers from the search site, Liang Haihua, a villager who rushed to the scene to help every day, stood next to his motorcycle and silently sounded his horn.Behind him, a volunteer stared down at the dirt at his feet, eyes red.As the moment of silence ended, grief continued to envelop the scene.A militiaman sobbed at a table with flowers.(after)

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