Father and son arrested for assault

“Fight tiger brothers, father and son soldiers!”The father and son went out and beat someone, and as a result, they were both placed in administrative detention.Fight cost is high, start not advisable!The direct cost of fighting with slight injury will face 5 to 15 days detention, 500 to 1000 yuan fine and corresponding compensation. The direct cost of fighting with minor injury will face less than 3 years imprisonment, less than 200 million yuan compensation and compensation for medical treatment and loss of work. The direct cost of fighting with serious injury,Will face more than three years of imprisonment, life imprisonment or even death penalty and compensation, endless regret, and additional costs, that is, the criminal record of the public security organs, depression, damage to the reputation of the image, family and friends worry, business and work suffered greater loss!Recently, living in Luoping County, fule town more than red village villagers Zhu a father and son, in the village intersection and Li because of the purchase of ginger, grab customers dispute, then, Zhu a father and son of li, li was beaten, resulting in facial injuries.Luoping County Public Security Bureau Fule police station received a report, quickly police disposal.Upon inquiry, Zhu mou and his son confessed to the illegal act of beating others.According to the regulations, Zhu father and son were given administrative detention for 5 days.Police tips, please think twice before fighting!

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