The remains of a Veteran from Hubei who died 81 years ago during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression have returned home

On April 5, it was qingming Festival, yunnan-Guizhou border pass, hubei nationality war veteran Mei Lesan’s family finally received his remains.They’ve waited 81 years for this moment.On March 13, the grave of Mei Lesan, a veteran of The Anti-Japanese War, was discovered by accident in Dafeng Village of Lushan Town, Kaili, Guizhou province. During the process of volunteers and netizens helping to find his family, they found the veteran and his son working together in the same army unit against Japan (Jimu News previously reported).On March 13, Ms. Lei, a volunteer in Kaili, Guizhou province, accidentally found the grave of Mei Lesan, a veteran of the Anti-Japanese War in Huangmei, Hubei Province, while paying homage to her mother.Melezer died in 1941 as a quartermaster captain in the 22nd Engineering battalion of the fifth Army of the National Revolutionary Army.The fifth Army of the National Revolutionary Army, to which Mei Lesan belonged before his death, defeated the Japanese army in the Battle of Kunlun Pass in December 1939. Due to large losses, the army had been training in Guiyang and Anshun in 1940.The unit’s subsequent 1942 expedition to Burma resulted in heavy casualties.Volunteers and netizens found mei Diwen, a veteran of the Anti-Japanese War in Yunnan province, to be mei Lesan’s son while trying to find his family.He joined the army in 1941 and served in the same unit as his father, Myr Lesan. After his father’s death, he was part of an expedition to Burma to fight against Japanese aggression.Mediven, who died in 2019, had repeatedly urged his children to find their grandfather’s grave and bring his remains back to his family.On the morning of April 5, mei Lesan’s four grandchildren and granddaughter Mei Yan were waiting for their grandfather to return home at the yunnan-Guizhou border scenic pass.At 10:05 a.m., the vehicle carrying the remains of Mei Lesan from Kaili, Guizhou arrived at Shengjingguan.After shaking hands and hugging the volunteers who brought her grandfather’s remains from Guizhou, Mei yan and her four brothers knelt to greet the remains with tears in their eyes.Relatives hid their faces and cried, “Grandpa, we brought you home!”Mei Yan’s eldest brother sobbed as he took the remains of his grandfather from the volunteers.Mei and her brother then took their grandfather’s remains to Jinling Cemetery in Kunming, where they will bury him next to their father in the afternoon.Ms. Lei, a volunteer of the consolation Group for Veterans of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression in Guanzhuqian, Guizhou province, who participated in transporting the remains of Mei Lesan, is also the discoverer of mei Lesan cemetery.She told Jimei news that on the morning of April 2, she, her fellow volunteers, kaili Veterans Affairs Bureau, Huang mei’s chamber of Commerce in Kaili and other units and organizations worked together to open mei Lesan’s cemetery and collect her remains.At the time of the burial, nearby villagers came to pay homage to MEL Sam.At about 8 PM on April 4, Ms. Lei and two volunteers set out from Kaili, Guizhou province. After a night’s driving, they arrived at the Yunnan-Guizhou border on the morning of April 5 and handed over the remains of Mei Lesan to their relatives.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.24-hour information hotline 027-86777777.

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