If we keep shooting like this, no matter how good our feelings are, they will be destroyed. You have won wang Jing’s version of “New Dependence on Heaven”

Film at this year’s Spring Festival, cinemas, aside from the gate bridge, “the killer is not very calm” and “miracle, stupid kid” box office, “four seas” out of the first echelon ahead of competition, power is not enough, because here is the Spring Festival party most surprising film box office performance,More than 20 percent of the content didn’t save Han’s latest film.And file such holiday during the Spring Festival, in addition to theatrical film, and it is the part of the works out between film market, Mr. Wong two of the handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record “have online, because the price is not high, coupled with a jet li’s version of feelings blessing, Mr. Wong is made of these two novels of rich, but almost one, word of mouth are three points in echelon.2021 between film market monopoly of the rich’s diary, eventually did not fall so reputation evaluation, obviously the audience will have Mr. Wong of the two new delimit the movies, although the handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record “have big IP blessing, there is also a director Mr. Wong stunt, but also can’t change the fact that it is a bad film.Casting hip, ling feng is not the biggest problem in two films online before, for the casting of middle-aged and old audience for this work proposed a dispute, Wang Jingze opens the justifying a fault mode, was chosen as first explain ling feng zhang mowgli is pushing other actors, coupled with the zhang mowgli’s age has been in the early 30 s,Lin Feng’s status fits well with such role setting.Seen this work later, ling feng is one of the biggest problems, including Janice man played by zhao, despite a lack of sensitivity, but whether from the appearance of identification and her acting point of view, is not for dragging the whole works, despite zhang min before comparing, Janice man to laugh at the classic lens, it is difficult to reproduceBut it does not affect her shaping the new Zhao Min.The real problem lies in the two new generation of crystal girls. One is Qiu Yinong, who has cooperated with Wang Jing in many works in the past, but this time in the film, her state is not satisfactory. Not only does she have no recognizable appearance, but it is difficult to make people see her uniqueness in a crowd performance.However, Zhou Zhi if the role of the setting is no problem big beauty, in the earlier su Youpeng version of Zhou Zhi if is the national goddess Gao Yuanyuan, Qiu Meaning thick nature is unable to achieve such a height, but more helpless is Qiu Meaning thick in the film and play small zhao cloud qianqian face, let a person silly points not clear.Although Wang Jing very early to do publicity for the film, but has been very good protection of Cloud Qianqian, xiao Zhao this role is also very important for Wang Jing, earlier played this role was once wang Jing force hold Qiu Shuzhen, it can be seen how much Wang Jing value cloud Qianqian.But earlier Mr. Wong’s aesthetic is to be recognised, zhang min, chingmy yau also is absolutely stunning beauty of time, but today, Mr. Wong’s aesthetic has already started to disconnect with the audience, cloud thousands meaning and the high concentration are net blush that visual feeling, this lack of recognizable appearance, Mr. Wong no matter how to explain, can eliminate the audience bad impression of two actors.Stir feelings cold rice, Mr. Wong is destined to be “the king of movies today between movie market there are too many feelings of cold rice, especially the older generation of Hong Kong film star has become a profession of this kind of film, although many cinemas film or film and television drama in the frequent adaptation of IP, but through various ways, such as the plot content, still can feel the sincerity and intentions of creator.Jing wang, however, is clearly in the circle of money, especially in the flame of the handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember glory “is to let people it is a long story, not only overturned thoroughly the audience for those familiar with impression of the characters, and even joined the storyline of illogical, the change of the characters are almost no reason, and even some of the lines is not consistent with what content is completely.Wang Jing’s perfunctory approach to the audience is visible to the naked eye, but he accurately captures the audience’s preferences.Now most of the audience’s expectations for the vast number of films are placed on the familiar story content and strong cast, Wang Jing is almost a collection of emotional and capable actors in the Current Hong Kong film circle.Louis Koo, Donnie Yen, Tsui Kam Jiang and other actors gather, will indeed pull the film full of gimmicks, is now a big film network is difficult to have the actor configuration, but understand the audience’s preference is on the one hand, Wang Jing constantly consume the feelings of the audience is also an indisputable fact, in order to circle the money feelings to destroy a total.The new handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record “in the two works, directly exposed now jing wang’s thoughts, businessman properties on him all the more obvious, is no longer a few decades ago that is dedicated to introduce high-quality works good director, Mr. Wong’s choice is bound to make him bad film director, forever this way, belongs to the word of mouth will be depleted of Mr. Wong,At least you won wang Jing’s version of “New Lean On Heaven” this time.

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