“Warm Snow” refining life or attack refining options recommended

Warm snow refining life or attack?Attack and health are both important attributes in the game, but you can’t have it both ways, so today we’ve brought you a selection of options to recommend, if you’re interested, don’t miss it.First of all, whether it is refining life or refining attack is ok, the difference between the two is a stable clearance, a high risk of high returns.Refine life advantages of this game can not play strange all see your talent and equipment, you can not play strange, point 10 times plus attack or play not moved, the difference is not big, but point life effect is very obvious, especially in the wild snow difficulty will learn to go astray.However, if the point does not move the mountain, only 3-5 hit health will reach the maximum, then you can start to hit the attack, because the length of the bar is limited.According to my crazy snow clearance experience of more than 10 times, the current version in addition to thunder, all other professions can point to the mountain, in addition to thunder, other professions to the middle of the blink step significance, the speed of movement has been very fast.Even in the second form of crane chapter BOSS, once you’ve mastered the trick, you don’t need to blink without damage.Stand in the middle of the map and wait for BOSS2 AOE to finish to clear the eyes on both sides, no need to blink at all.Other chapters do not need more instantaneous step, after learning not to move mountains, all the way left key A past on the line.Refining advantage this game all the single attack damage are tired by, 10% or 10% attack and attack is greater than 20%, so, although each holy refining looks add much, but the accumulated very terror, the following chart is the king’s presence sl properties before and after contrast, less attack, one out of three so, refining the holy things or attack the good,The store in the early holy things can buy as far as possible to buy the refining, later to the soul of the crowd to leave two or three thousand money is enough, and the old man that has the right attributes to buy.The above is the whole content of warm snow refining selection recommended, in fact, refining life and refining attack all depends on personal pursuit, want to secure customs clearance on refining life, want to experience a knife second boss pleasure on refining attack.

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