Volunteer of Hebei Normal University: Write wonderful stories in the Winter Olympics

January 24, Jan. 21 – service in zhangjiakou in hebei normal university of the square, national center for cross-country skiing center, national winter two, genting ski park, zhangjiakou venues such as the village of 261 volunteers continue to worship ceremony, coupled with a previous war 21 volunteers, volunteers have 283 people assembled to teachers and students.”We have prepared, please rest assured party, winter Olympics have me!”Volunteers of Hebei Normal University Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games vowed to “go with responsibility and come back safe and sound” on The afternoon of Jan 13.Uphold the original aspiration, together to the future “.For the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, 283 volunteers and 85 cast and crew members from Hebei Normal University will serve at the National Cross-country Ski Center, Genting Ski Park, Zhangjiakou Biathlon Center and other venues.Volunteers at the National Cross-country Ski Center work in changing rooms, athletes’ rest areas, waxing areas and competition offices.Biathlon center volunteer service office staff, including competition results revealed, track translation, shooting range, the timing is in charge of translation, translation equipment supervisor, site control director of translation, athletes, athletes work team, bullets warehouse staff, timing, athletes work team score translation.Nordic Center cross-country ski resort includes clothing, locker room service, assistant to journalists’ workshop, assistant to journalists’ stand, athletes’ dining room service, athletes’ and waxing area service, athletes’ rest area service, ITO service, etc.Hebei normal university games volunteer service “meet in Beijing” series of test of hebei normal university games volunteer service “meet in Beijing” series of tests in order to ensure the smooth held “meet in Beijing” series of tests, hebei normal university, in November 2021 to December, with 32 volunteers to participate in the genting ski parks and national cross-country skiing center for the test.Test series, the form of the volunteers is active in multiple levels of the venue, they are responsible for getting on or off in the field of traffic guidance, some as on-site technical support assistant, some help decorate, clean up the track field, some help wax, athletes with emergency, some auxiliary NTO the teacher’s office in the competition, some responsible for media reception…The volunteers showed the vigorous spirit of hebei Normal University youth with their high quality volunteer service.The volunteers, despite the cold and hardships, stick to their duties and serve enthusiastically, successfully complete all the work, and are highly praised by the competition area staff and athletes at home and abroad.Hebei normal university games volunteer service “meet in Beijing” series of test of hebei normal university games volunteer service training “meet in Beijing” series of test precision To enhance the level of volunteer service Beijing 2022 Olympics and winter paralympic games volunteer recruitment starts, hebei normal university, a total of 26 teachers, 3500 students to sign up to participate in,In order to select excellent volunteers, Hebei Normal University has set up a variety of selection methods such as school-level interview, school-level interview, physical fitness test and English test, and organized the school reserve volunteers to participate in the evaluation and selection of the relevant department of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee.After the selection of the skills competition of the Winter Olympics, the school strengthened the precise training of volunteers from the aspects of ideological guidance, connection between library and school, and ability improvement, and made every effort to improve the service level of volunteers.Up to now, 13 temporary Party and Youth League branches have been established, which have carried out more than 40 lectures and reports, more than 20 special skills improvement activities, 4 mental health counseling sessions, 5 volunteer exchange camps in Zhangjiakou, 54 special training sessions on knowledge and emergency rescue of the Winter Olympics, and 6 in-school and in-school assessments.At the same time, the school also independently developed winter sports such as ice and snow ball, and carried out ice and snow sports meeting and ice and snow culture festival throughout the school, creating a strong atmosphere of “promoting the Winter Olympics, participating in the Winter Olympics and contributing to the Winter Olympics”.In order to guarantee and motivate volunteers, Hebei Normal University has issued the Implementation Plan of Volunteer Guarantee and Incentive work for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Winter Games.Volunteers will be guaranteed in terms of organization, study, work, training, logistics, materials, testing, station and transportation.In the ideological guidance, psychological care, activity incentive, publicity incentive, honor recognition, growth incentive, achievement transformation and other aspects of the volunteers to encourage.During the service period, the process assessment of volunteers will be calculated as full marks. Teachers will arrange make-up lessons for affected courses, and peer groups will be organized to provide “one-to-one” academic assistance.A multi-department linkage resident management team was set up in the resident, and 3 excellent instructors were selected as incentive assistants. A variety of cultural and sports supplies were provided to enrich the resident life.The “Warm Winter” psychological assistance team, consisting of 12 professional consultants and 24 peer consultants, has been set up to provide full-time counseling services for volunteers and promote physical and mental health.In terms of daily life, the university arranges relevant departments to meet the needs of volunteers, such as food, accommodation, books lending, gym use and on-campus shopping.For volunteers to carry out nucleic acid tests on a regular basis, buy accident insurance, and prepare cotton clothes, suitcases, wash sets, thermos cups, epidemic prevention kits and other support materials.The school pays attention to the growth motivation of volunteers, and has established a volunteer growth file to record realistic performance comprehensively and objectively.Pay attention to honor and incentive, and will award honorary titles such as excellent volunteer and excellent League member to outstanding members.In addition, the hebei normal university also have held the games volunteer service incentive security work advance will, various departments have, proceeding from the volunteers need to coordinate linkage, mix, accurate and efficient to promote the various incentive measures to carry out the ground, the volunteers to by the enterprising spirit and the high quality service, dedicated service.Under the care and guidance of the venue manager and teachers, as well as the cooperation and help of my fellow volunteers, I have gained a lot.Volunteering can be a bit hard, but during this time we make progress and become better.Please rest assured party, winter Olympics have me!Together we go to the future!Winter Olympics volunteer Yang Yana (second from left) : We will make full preparations, live up to The Times, live up to the youth, serve the Winter Olympics, serve the society, do our best to contribute to the Winter Olympics.Winter Olympics volunteer Liu Yutong: I have been moved a lot, and I have made more determination to carry out my volunteer service to the end.I hope I can do a good job in volunteer service in the future practice, tell Chinese stories and spread Chinese voices through my own efforts, and let’s move forward together!Winter Olympics Volunteer Kang Lei winter Olympics volunteer Kang Lei: What you want, you never do.We are here, and like-minded people meet, write the most meaningful youth chapter!Winter Olympics Volunteer Liu Jiayi: As a new youth in the new era, I am willing to pursue my dream and build a dream for the Winter Olympics.We are always ready, together to the future!(cheng kai)

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