You get what you pay for?Lenovo Small New Pro 14 Core edition value purchase

Lenovo Small new Pro14 Core standard pressure version is a very good cost performance of light and thin notebook products, the machine is currently participating in the second kill activity, the standard i5-11320H 16G 512G 2.8K 90Hz eye protection version price only 4998 yuan.Lenovo Small new Pro14 Core standard pressure edition is equipped with Intel 11th generation Core H35 processor, 4-core 8-thread architecture, main frequency 3.1ghz, Core frequency 4.4ghz, three-level cache 8MB, compared to the previous generation of core processor, single-core performance up to about 20%, in addition, according to the official test data shows that the processor can reach 42W performance release.In addition, Lenovo Small New Pro14 Core high brush version uses 2880×1800 resolution screen, support 90Hz high refresh rate (support Fn+R one-click switch refresh rate), the maximum brightness of 400Nit, 16:10 gold screen ratio.Thin to 14.6mm, light to 1.4kg, 1.3mm keystroke keyboard with wear-resistant anti-fouling key cap coating, delicate touch.Oversized touch pad with smooth glass surface brings smooth operation experience.Is the so-called one point price one point goods, although the price is close to 5000 yuan, but the hardware performance and screen are very good.(7869780).

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