“An insignificant mistake can have disastrous consequences.” A young engineer “should” take responsibility

China Youth Daily client news (correspondent Duan Ronghui, China Youth Daily. China Youth Network reporter Wang Yijun) “This kind of construction accuracy requirements are more strict” “reinforcement and concrete pouring joints should pay attention to”……Recently, in the construction area of Hengbang Tianfu Yunxi project of China Railway No.2 Construction Company, liu Ying, the chief engineer of the project, explained to the trainees every problem that may be encountered in the construction.Mr. Liu, a lanky man, was known for his iron face during construction.From the preparation of the construction plan to the implementation and calibration of the site, he will participate in every link of the project construction in accordance with national standards, and strive to reduce all errors to the minimum within the standard.His “iron face” ensures the continuity and efficiency of each link of the project.”Without his strict requirements, we would have stayed at the last project node this month,” Chen Mo, an employee of the project engineering Department, said in his heart.In 2020, the company won the bid of Hengbang Tianfu Yunxi project, and the company has selected and transferred outstanding talents from all over the country to join the project department.Liu Ying (third from left) is directing the project test photography: Kang Hongchuan impressed Chen Mo most for the deep foundation pit and high support mold scheme.9.05 meters, 40 n. m…Tape measures and torsion wrenches were used to test and retest seemingly mundane data from 8:30 a.m. to 15 p.m.”We’re doing engineering, and if you can’t even make a small mistake that could have catastrophic consequences, don’t do engineering.”Liu Ying said that under his guidance, the boys from the engineering department repeatedly tested for the goal of “doing a project and building a monument” of China Railway Group.In November 2018, liu should transfer in iron 2 bureaus construction company, national agricultural science and technology center in chengdu project chief engineer, he follows the principle of “technology first”, from the scheme planning, preparation, argument, clarificaiton, implementation, check and acceptance of, and whole process control, and for more than a certain size of the project, experts consultation and demonstration,To ensure the technical feasibility and construction safety, to ensure the project involved in the deep foundation pit (9m depth), high support mold (26.75m height) and large span steel structure pedestrian bridge (39.4m total span) of the implementation process of the series of safe and controllable.This project has won the title of “China Railway No.2 Engineering Bureau 2019 Grassroots Project Outstanding Engineering Department”, he has personally obtained a utility model patent, won the construction company “2019 chief worker” and “Chengdu May 1 Labor Medal” and other honorary titles……Liu Ying wrote “Construction Method of Rotary Digging Hole filling Pile in High Filling and High Solubility Area”, which was awarded “Provincial Construction Method of Sichuan Engineering Construction in 2018”, and “a detachable sealing screw” obtained the national utility model patent.One person’s growth is not enough, Liu should also inspire more young people to grow up.He formulated the annual overall training plan of the project, carried out the business ability training of young employees on schedule, and organized the project department employees to actively participate in the measurement skills competition, speech competition and Excellent Management Practice case competition of central Enterprises organized by the company.And the owner of the organization of the theme of “Innovation theory research – Build park City” essay, the national Construction enterprises to improve project quality experience exchange and other activities, so that the company’s young people in every activity or competition to get growth, accumulation of experience.Source: China Youth Daily client

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