Stroll through the memorial Hall of the old site of the CPC Central Committee in Wuhan to appreciate the feelings of family and country in the propaganda paintings

In order to record the development of the People’s Republic of China, pay tribute to the builders in different periods, and display the magnificent picture of countless Chinese sons and daughters striving against the clock to realize the great cause of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation under the leadership of the Party since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.The memorial Hall of the site of the CPC Central Committee in Wuhan selected nearly 100 propaganda paintings with distinct brand of The Times to hold the original special exhibition of “Remembering the Extraordinary Years — The feelings of family and Country in the propaganda paintings” for three months.As an important way of propagating political ideas, inspiring revolutionary morale and praising heroic leaders, the development and growth of propaganda painting accompanied the growth of the People’s Republic of China.The exhibition to the twentieth century from the 1950s to the 1990s part of the special propaganda paintings as the main exhibits, by the “dare to teach the sun and the moon to change the sky,” “rich and prosperous people weather new”, “army and people unite as one family”, “since ancient times the hero out of the young”, “women should not let beard and men”, “civil and military concurrently show heroic attitude”, “peace world with cool and hot” seven parts.Content includes the People’s Republic of China after the founding of all walks of life prosperous weather;Army and people of the same heart, fish and water love story;The presence of young heroes and heroines;Vigorous development of cultural and sports activities;”World harmony” the world feelings and other aspects of the content.With the passage of time, propaganda paintings have gradually faded out of the public’s view, but with delicate brushwork, bright colors and fresh narrative, they have a wide spread and lasting influence. It is the first time that the memorial Museum has held a special exhibition on them in Wuhan.In the second half of the 20th century, propaganda pictures were once widely popular in China. They not only had a profound impact on people’s work and life, but also “flew into ordinary people’s homes” and became a must-have item for relatives and friends to give to each other and ordinary citizens to decorate their homes during festivals.A special restoration area is set up in the exhibition to restore the scenes of ordinary Wuhan people’s family life in the 1980s. Old objects and old propaganda paintings seem to “pull” the audience back to that eventous era.Past smoke, years such as song, wander in the meantime, I believe that “you” can always find a belongs to their own time memory.The end of the hall is “Carry on the past, open the future and continue the new chapter”, showing that with the development of The Times, Chinese propaganda pictures and media propaganda methods show a more diversified trend of development, but also undertake the task of building the national image of the new era, promote socialist core values and promote the construction of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics.Remember the eventful years, sing the great times.As a record of history and a witness of the process, these posters are not only the best material evidence, but also the warmest memories.They not only record and reflect the changes of The Times and social changes, but also become cultural carriers to show the Chinese people’s lofty sentiments, enterprising spirit and vigorous spirit of building socialism with Chinese characteristics. The lofty ideals and spiritual power contained in them are of eternal value.▼ | author Chen hai was Chen Xin | zhu yue photography lotte edit | Yang yi dust works contained in this male number (including the title, and edit the format design, text, graphics, etc.), without authorization, Chinese cultural relic newspaper that reprinting or excerpting is not, adaptation, or use in other ways, authorized reprint please indicate the source and the author.

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