Yanjiao house down payment minimum 20%?Some banks have called an emergency halt

Lower down payment ratio, Yanjiao property market will be able to pick up?Affecting hundreds of thousands of “north drift” mood yanjiao, the housing market again waves.Recently, it was reported that the down payment for a house in Yanjiao was reduced to 20%, and the down payment for a second house was reduced to 30%. Many real estate agents and sales department personnel said it was true.Previously, the down payment for a first home in Yanjiao was 30 percent of the total price and 50 percent for a second home.However, according to China Business News, the official documents did not come out of the news, some banks have called an emergency stop.”It was said yesterday that the down payment for a house in Yanjiao had been reduced to 20%, and several banks had issued notices. But it may be that our publicity efforts were too strong, which caused concern, and now they have all been stopped.”A local intermediary said.”On the second-hand housing loan down payment ratio problem, Postal Savings Bank, Huaxia Bank unilateral propaganda, according to the first set of 20%, two sets of 30% down payment ratio approved loans, now all suspended, waiting for notice.”Another intermediary said.There are also a number of intermediaries said that yesterday after the down payment of 20% of the news released, has been widely concerned, currently do not let the publicity, with customers are according to the “first set of 30% down payment” to communicate, to continue to see the follow-up policy direction.Yanjiao is a small town in Sanhe City, Langfang, Hebei province.As the crow flies, Yanjiao is about 30 kilometers away from Beijing CBD International Trade Center. Although it belongs to Hebei province in administrative division, because of its special geographical location, it has always been one of the options for many North drifters to settle down and buy homes: they work in The Imperial Capital during the day, sleep in Yanjiao at night, and commute to work in both places every day.This special geographical identity, ever let Yanjiao property market crazy rise.As early as 2016, under the hype of developers and the crazy influx of tenants, the housing price in Yanjiao soared. In 2017, some projects even exceeded 40,000 yuan/square meter, and the overall housing price approached 30,000 yuan/square meter, far higher than the average level of Hebei.Immediately, the heavy hand of control comes.On June 3, 2017, Langfang city upgraded the purchase restriction. Non-local residents are required to have three years of social security or tax proof, and the purchase limit is one, while local residents are limited to two.Yanjiao property market, which belongs to Langfang, was hit.Until now, there are still a lot of high guard buyers, because in Yanjiao property miserable, even broken supply.Under the epidemic, yanjiao and other areas around Beijing property market downturn again.”Recently the epidemic is serious, many of our employees have been closed, customers in Beijing can not come, the volume is also poor, but February and March sales are ok.”There are contemporary intermediary representations.From the actual data, this year’s Yanjiao property market has been repaired, but is far from out of the trough.Crerui data show that in February sanhe overall transaction bleak, a total of 125 regional transactions, up 1.63%;The average transaction price of 21311 yuan/square meter, down 2.44%;The transaction amount was 261 million yuan, down 1.67% from the previous month and up 113.9% year on year.”Overall, sanhe property market turnover is still at a low level, cooling and the current housing market demand reduction related to the epidemic, in and out of Beijing inconvenience, further limit Beijing spillover housing demand.”The agency said.Because the property market continues to run low, Yanjiao frequently loose policy news.In fact, not only is the down payment storm, starting from 2020, the intermediary said yanjiao new house has been released, 2021 second-hand house also joined them.At the end of last year, the Sanhe Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau told reporters that foreigners buying a house in Yanjiao needed three years of local social security, and there was no official document to lift the restrictions.However, in the latest communication, the housing bureau staff verbally relaxed, saying that “I heard that it is ok to buy”, but there is no official document, if you do not take social security, it depends on whether you can sign online.In this regard, a number of intermediaries and property consultants said that outsiders in yanjiao to buy a house, do not need a registered permanent residence and social security and other restrictions, the new house has long been released, the second-hand house also gradually opened last year.”We’ve had a lot of deals, no problem with the online signings, many of which are existing and don’t charge extra, but officially we can’t say that.”Guo Yi, chief analyst at Asus, told China Business News that the core constraint for the Yanjiao market is not the purchase restriction, nor how much demand can be raised if the down payment is reduced by 10%. The core problem for Yanjiao is to solve the overall development problem of the Integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, break through the bottleneck of commuting in Yanjiao and Beijing, and improve public service standards.For example, after the opening of the Subway Line 22, can the checkpoint be moved out as soon as possible, so that the commuting between Yanjiao and Beijing can be more smooth when the epidemic is becoming a regular situation?Another example is whether the public supporting service facilities in Yanjiao will be able to meet Beijing’s educational and medical resources, maintain a relatively high standard of living, and develop in the same city with Beijing.”In the past, yanjiao marks’ lovebirds’ prices for you is too deep, especially as the ring round Beijing property market halved, outages case, if he is just a housing to loosen policy, not bring market situation improved much, still need to have systemic supporting policies, let it blend in Beijing the big pattern of development, industry and public service, based on this,Yanjiao house prices fall off a cliff, can be gradually eased.”Guo Yi said.

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