Sweat can no longer shed tears | respect and understand the care and care of medical staff’s initiative

In 2022, the COVID-19 outbreak has entered its third year, and the virus continues to mutate. Local outbreaks are numerous, widespread and frequent, posing severe challenges to epidemic prevention and control.The general medical staff bear in mind that the party and the people’s great trust, abide by beginner’s mind, not the mission, home, for everybody and disease resistance front resolutely to all parts of the country, worked around the clock, the strenuous efforts to combat the disease, winning a and a sudden epidemic prevention and control, and the mission and “guide” of white angels!However, on the road ahead, some shocking bad news came from the front line: some of the medical and control workers, who were the most intensive and high-risk workers, died forever because of overwork or sudden illness.Some people’s meals and work schedules on the front line have been neglected, and their basic rights and interests have not been protected.Even worse, they were not allowed to go home because they were discriminated against for participating in the anti-epidemic work. This lack of understanding and respect for the angels in white deeply hurt us.In March, Wang Meng, an attending physician in the General Surgery department of Inner Mongolia Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, collapsed in the farewell ceremony of the anti-epidemic medical team after completing 14 rounds of nucleic acid collection work with his colleagues.Bai Xiaohui, an expert in Weihai from Shandong Province, the head of the virus inspection team and the deputy director of the Laboratory department of Shandong Provincial Hospital, passed away due to a sudden heart attack since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Beijing, Xinjiang, Henan and Shandong.After the lockdown of Puxi District in Shanghai, Dr. Zhou, a physician living in Putuo District in Puxi, Shanghai, went out to work but was “rejected” by the neighborhood committee. A paper certificate from the hospital was useless, the guarantee certificate and the leader’s phone call had little effect, and this was by no means an isolated case.Some residents even said: “Hospital workers are high-risk, the best to go out do not come in, do not affect other residents of the community.”Recently, a video of “Please be kind to volunteers” circulated in the circle of friends, in which a head nurse complained loudly:”From 6 o ‘clock in the morning to the evening, the girls had never drink a mouthful of water” “girls of protection has been more than 12 hours, we are going to have a risk of infection, from the Angle of the security must stay” “you don’t even give relief things” “set off at 6 o ‘clock in the morning without breakfast, at noon after 12:45, told we eat out to find a way to myself.”…The video’s creator urges: “We must ensure that medical workers from other provinces and cities are provided with food, clothing, shelter and transportation. We must not let them feel cold due to the lack of logistics.”The medical workers fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control are not only heroes but also hope for their families.They are also parents and children, and also need to be respected and understood, but also need to be loved and cared for.In order to make the most beautiful rebels sweat without tears, do a good job of protection to the maximum, reduce the burden of these beautiful rebels, ease their worries, and promote the formation of a good atmosphere of respect for medicine and health in the whole society, Doctor’s Daily, together with Sohu Health and NetEase Health, issued the following proposal:Initiative 1: Make every effort to care for frontline medical workers, provide them with necessary supplies, and properly solve problems such as meals, warmth, on-duty and transportation.2, scientific allocation of work forces, for a long time overload staff to rest, arrange a continuation of the medical team, do a good rotation and rest work, to ensure that the medical team fully rest.3. Provide complete life guarantee for the families of frontline medical and prevention personnel, visit them regularly, and help solve their worries.4. Continue to ensure the physical and mental health of medical and prevention personnel, strengthen psychological counseling, and provide targeted help to the front-line staff to relieve stress.5. Ensure that the salary and treatment of medical and prevention staff is not cut or reduced.6. Measures of professional title evaluation and employment are carried out for medical and medical personnel.7. Urge local citizens to understand, cooperate and support the work of anti-epidemic workers, and spread positive energy online and offline, so that they can feel the warmth of the city and the strength of solidarity.8. Medical and quarantine workers who lost their lives in the fight against COVID-19 will be granted quick recognition of work-related injury and posthumously awarded the title of martyr.Looking back at the fight against the epidemic over the past two years, we know full well that epidemic prevention and control is a long battle. Those who have protected the health of our people and the safety of our cities with their hard work and sweat are undoubtedly the most worthy of love and respect, and the loveliest people in the new era.Therefore, we call on all sectors of the community to work together, and under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, we should care for the medical and prevention workers together, so that they can feel truly warm hearts rather than sad and cold hearts, so that those who do not turn back for us can feel more at ease and less worried.

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