Son received tens of thousands of yuan New Year red envelopes, people worry people happy

Today is the first day of work. We meet up and say hello to each other.Xiao Liu in my office told me about the year she had spent at home, feeling helpless and tired.Xiao Liu is still young and has a child.I didn’t want to go home for the Spring Festival this year, because of the epidemic in Shenzhen, many places are rumored to quarantine people returning from Shenzhen.But Liu’s mother said she missed her grandson and wanted the family to return to their hometown in Hunan for the Spring Festival.Liu’s wife is a native of Guangdong province. It is the first time that she went back to Hunan for the Spring Festival after they got married. She does not know about some customs of hunan’s Spring Festival, and Liu did not explain in advance, especially the red envelope.According to the custom of Guangdong, the red envelope is like a red envelope during the Spring Festival, which means that each red envelope is 10 yuan. She prepared dozens of red envelopes, and all of them were only a few hundred yuan.That’s where the problem comes in, and the trouble.Xiao Liu’s family in Shenzhen, work well, small savings, in the hometown is also considered a happy return home.But when sending red envelopes, it happened that there was a problem because Xiao Liu’s wife was not clear beforehand.Hunan side of the New Year to give red envelopes, that is very exquisite, very exquisite.Now people’s life is good, the denomination of red envelopes is also rising, the general close relatives, are hundreds, even thousands of people have.According to Liu, his son received tens of thousands of yuan in red packets this time from his grandfather, grandmother, parents, uncles and other relatives.But all the red envelopes his wife gave to everyone were ten yuan.Liu said he didn’t know at first, but later saw something wrong from the reactions of his family members.There was something strange about the way relatives looked at the family. I didn’t say it in person, but it felt weird.When he learned the truth, he was terribly embarrassed, especially by his wife.Fortunately, Xiao Liu understood his wife, otherwise this suddenly, the couple is afraid to quarrel with the earth, or even divorce.It seems too late to fix it.The red envelopes have all been handed out.Although they later made a kind of explanation, but, where is this explanation can eliminate the misunderstanding of relatives?So, in the end, they had to look a little dejected in the eyes of their relatives, and came back to Shenzhen.Xiao Liu said, this year, he was really wronged.This red envelope is really harmful to people.

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