Fat meat is meat

On the fourth day of the first month, go home to sit, uncle and aunt 80-year-old birthday feast.”One dragon”, ba Ba mat, now the countryside is this practice.The dishes were mostly traditional, with vacuum-packed prawns, freshly harvested local crucian carp as fish, pollution-free vegetables as side dishes, and wine from a hoard of grain and wine provided by my third brother.The leading dish is “Lucky luck”.Half of the pig’s head, fire to remove the hair, boil to remove the fishy, apply the material to color, bubbling, steaming, pouring juice to brighten.The choice of chopsticks was free.Spring vegetables, light soup is hot goods, and that “bonanza” is worthy of the “seat online red”.Three times and two, and there’s only one bone left.There was an elder on the table, praised “good luck dangshou” : meaning good luck dangshou, color good red, taste good crisp sweet soft waxy.Mat long said, bang pig head hoof, delicious but flesh.There was a lady who prided herself on being an expert on healthy eating, constantly warning us what not to eat and what not to drink.The nearly century-old father-in-law snapped at the table: what is the meaning of life if you don’t eat or drink anything?Of course, you don’t eat or drink too much.We know that his father-in-law’s favorite food is not fish or sheep (too fishy) or seafood (too expensive), but fat meat.His father-in-law loved fat meat, and the old man firmly believed that “fat meat is meat” and “fat meat is the most nourishing”.His favorite dishes are fatty pork stewed with winter melon, called “Three Clear soup”, and braised pork with carrots, called “Full Hall red”.His wife “Brother Han Yan” is a fifth-grade doctor. “Every word counts for everything” in the family, which determines the eating habits of everyone and the small family, and determines the dish collocation and oil and salt consumption of the party.Fatty meat, big oil, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, han Yan brother are rendering is “drugs”, strict restrictions on father-in-law and Tao elder brother can not eat more.If not, what happens? There are serious consequences.The old father-in-law slapped the table. “What’s wrong with fat meat?””A piece of fat saves a life.”Brother Han Yan also wanted to use her scientific theory to explain and preach, I pulled her sleeve, quietly remind her said, “Comrade Xiaoping said not to argue, win what, lose what.”Brother cold smoke mercilessly pulled me a, immediately put on a tame appearance to listen to father-in-law tell the story full of beard.We have accumulated a wealth of experience by listening to the stories of older people growing out of their beards.First, listen carefully and have a correct attitude.Second, do not refute, rational to sober.Three is the heart, how much tonic.Father-in-law said that the life before liberation, do not say eat well, eat full are not guaranteed.See oily muddy already not easy, where have what big fish big meat?Landlord please long work, four times a year to see meat meat: the first month to start, planting seedlings in April, August, December holiday.Every time we eat meat, each person a piece, about half a kilo, we are reluctant to eat, ginger and lotus leaves wrapped, take back to share or entertain the family.Although Tao Ge grew up in the new society, but also experienced a hard life, for fat obsession up to now.Fermented sea pepper fried preserved meat, stir-fried double-cooked pork pea tip, kelp shredded pork trotters stewed, are love.Nowadays, people “hate the house and the black”. When it comes to fat and viscera, they think it is a terrible beast.Tao Elder brother suffers its harm deeply, also quite much comprehension.Fat SINS not, but excess.Tao Ge consulted Zhang Zhongjing, Sun Simiao and Li Shizhen. They never refused fat meat, but thought it was the best tonic and nourishment.One of the four brightest minds in Hong Kong, Mr. Choi LAN, knows a lot about food life.He missed his mother’s lard Lao fan: freshly steamed rice, a spoonful of lard, a spoonful of soy sauce, a spoonful of scallion, while hot mix, god will not change.In my impression, grandma refining lard, aroma floating in the humble kitchen, oil residue after oil refining has many applications, send us this help greedy children, fried oil residue lotus white, stew oil residue radish, which is a big use.We smell the lard and rush to the kitchen. We sit around the stove and watch the oil boil.Grandma and mother know the most, in front of the water before the oil shovel out to us, that is the greatest preference and happiness.The family is not rich, long in the budget of grandma and mom, the limited fat arrangements in the family priority.One is hospitality, guests first.The second is dad, the head of the family.Three is the children, this is the future.Then there were the girls, but by this time there wasn’t much fat left.Now I understand why there must be fat meat (sword head) and tofu (white jade) every time we worship our ancestors.Because at that time, they did not fully enjoy fat meat and tofu, sacrifice time must make up.Tao elder brother is also fond of fat, love to eat more love to do, feel that all happiness is better than food.Only satisfied, satisfied will be convinced.As taught by Mr. Yichuan Tobacco, twice-cooked pork is a classic sichuan-Chongqing cuisine.Pork belly seven ripe, along the lines of thin slices, hot pot to explode the lantern socket, bean, garlic, green pepper.It doesn’t have to be fussy. It has to be simple.Fermented sea pepper steamed braised meat, Sichuan, Chongqing Ba Ba Banquet boutique dishes.A burn two cook three crisp four steamed, oil has removed most of the unique fermented sea pepper adds soul.Many homeward journeymen, the first dish must love fermented sea pepper braised meat.Dongpo pork and Dongpo elbow zi, the process and “hongyun dangshou” similar.Cooking method, in fact, is both simple and not simple, simple nothing more than: “from raw to cooked”, “brutal to delicious”, “simple to compound”.Techniques are also “explosion, center, fried, cooking, cooking, stew, roast”, faction is also “Lu, Sichuan, Guangdong, Su, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan, Hui”.In my early years, when I was in poor health, my wife used to feed me with fat meat.Now worry about the man fat ear big fat, provoke “3 tall” attack body affect health.Women ah, is not easy!Trying to manage everything.Good luck when the first month of the sixth morning of the year

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