People who are single for a long time, why do they stay single?

Single people stay single.Especially if you have been single for more than 5 years, the probability of marriage will be very small, and you are basically doomed to stay single.When you’re single for a long time, you don’t see the right person, and you don’t know what the right person is.It is very difficult for a person to develop his pace of life and way of life in five or even 10 years, so that he can change a way of life to accommodate another person.The longer a person is single, the harder it gets.If you are single for a long time, you will find that you can’t even like someone. Even if you meet someone you like, you can’t stand getting along with them for a few days. You just want to finish, go home and live a personal life.After a few years, even the idea of falling in love did not have, just want to how happy how to live, in addition to busy work, sleep to wake up naturally, occasionally friends get together, free to travel, do not want to cook takeout, small wine, comfortable and happy.Long-term single people, intermittent heart, habitual alone.Seeing a couple around them, they also want sweet love, but they will not lower their standards because of age.With the change of experience and economy, they have more demanding requirements on the other half, and will not fall in love for the sake of love, let alone accept a person they do not like because of the other side’s family background.They are very clear that marriage is the merger and reorganization of two companies, the calculation is the house, car, registered permanent residence, birth, children, children’s education, mortgage, car loan, tourism, unemployment and so on, are all economic accounts, because the responsibility is heavy and realistic terrible.If two people’s life quality, happiness index than a person’s time is low, low quality love, not as high quality single, make good efforts to earn money, live the life you want, money than love can tell the truth.A person is single for a long time, from a weak what all won’t person, became will change light bulb, repair computer, install furniture, change door lock…..A person has survived countless bitter and particularly helpless days, do what what will, want what to buy their own, he was calm and calm processing, really collapse, cry the next day and then began to live, understand that everything has to rely on their own, do not look forward to anyone.If they meet someone they like slightly, they subconsciously calculate the sunk cost of giving up their current freedom.Where to go on a date, what to eat tonight, where to go for the weekend, what gifts to give for the holidays, what to do if the other person is upset?Think of these feel very tired, think, forget it, or a personal life, relaxed.Good health, a house of your own, enough money for retirement, celibacy is good, just get used to it.After all, people are lonely, and whether married have no children.You’re going to die. Be happy every day.

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