The Spring of Chinese football is coming, as the Ministry of Education moves to promote the sport of Chinese youth football

After losing to Vietnam 3 to 1, Chinese football has been in a haze, finally in today by light, such as public pronouncement of national Ministry of Education said this afternoon will be from 2022, which is held its first national juvenile football league start of the year, and want to include it in the national youth health education plan of action.We have always been feeling that it is not enough to rely on the General Administration of Sport for Chinese youngsters to play football, because the children of young people are in the hands of the Ministry of Education rather than the general Administration.Today, the Ministry of Education has finally stepped in, combining sports and education to promote China’s youth football.Over the years we have been very envious of the Japanese high school football, in fact, the Japanese high school football is composed of three parts mainly events, one of the most famous national conference and high comprehensive body, nature, is actually a cup and a stepping up of the league of the nature of competition, called the high yuan gong cup, these three events jointly build a complete system of Japanese youth league and the closed loop.In the future, if our youth league can fully mobilize people’s local feelings and regional feelings like the youth football in Japan, and let the national fans support their local youth football teams as they support the Chinese Super League teams, I firmly believe that the spring of Chinese men’s football will definitely come.

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