Too happy!Provincial examination post requirements relaxed this year

The announcement of the 2022 Guizhou Provincial Examination has been released!The whole province recruits 4658 people on February 23 (next Wednesday) begin to sign up what changes does announcement have this year?And what surprises, what difficult analysis is longer, follow erkang patiently read oh ~01 Zunyi recruitment the most, the 2022 Guizhou province recruitment the most 4658 people!Compared with 21 years ago, 776 more people were recruited, an increase of 20 percent.The number of jobs was 3,440, up 21.21% year on year;Among them, the number of civil servants increased by 330, or 12.20 percent;The number of people’s police recruitment increased by 179 year-on-year, with a growth rate of 27.41%;The number of selected transfer students increased by 267 year-on-year, with a growth rate of 50.86%;Zunyi had the largest number of 814 people.South and southeast Guizhou followed;However, the three cities with the largest increase in the number of recruits compared with last year are: Zunyi, Bijie, tongren, of which Bijie expanded its recruitment 258 people;This year’s graduates are less specialized posts, and the previous vitality will increase the enrollment of 4658 people for the 2022 Guizhou Provincial examination!Among them, the number of graduates recruited 635 people, former students recruited 4023 people, overall good for former students.As can be seen from the table of the distribution of the number of years of the grassroots project of the 2022 Guizhou Provincial examination, 103 people are limited to apply for the primary post;Compared with last year, 40 fewer people, no limit as high as 4555 people, compared with previous years, for grass-roots service for 2 years of posts reduced, for many candidates who are not grass-roots project personnel is a good thing, the examination policy is biased toward candidates who are not grass-roots service.04 education requirements are mainly undergraduate, accounting for 73% of the provincial examination recruitment are mainly undergraduate, there is no exception this year, 73% of the posts can be registered for undergraduate.This year undergraduate degree still occupies the big head, accounted for the total number of 4217 people (combined with ordinary higher education undergraduate degree and above, bachelor degree and above), accounting for more than 90%, among which the requirements must be full-time undergraduate candidates 792 people, accounting for 17% of the province’s recruitment number;Three hundred and sixty-five college students were recruited, accounting for 7.8% of the total number of people recruited. Meanwhile, this year, the low education level is no longer a junior college, and 10 positions are applied for high school education, which is also an olive branch for people with low education level.In 2022, 3,246 positions without political affiliation were accepted for 4,422 positions, accounting for 95% of the total number of applicants. Among them, 194 positions requiring party members were accepted for 236 positions.Compared with the recruitment situation of political status in previous years, the communist Youth League members did not appear this year, and if the examinee is a communist Youth League member, he no longer enjoys the registration advantage.Provincial exams nearly 4 years “+ essay class AB + public security professional line test Jane topic volume” :

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