In the old neighborhood of Jinshan, there is a “volunteer relay race”

On April 1, vegetables were distributed to residents in the morning and antigen screening items were distributed in the afternoon.2 April, on-site nucleic acid sampling service;On April 3, rice was distributed to residents in the morning and “antigen” was given in the afternoon.April 4, volunteer service at nucleic acid sampling site…These days, members of the Shanyang Old Street Autonomous Group of Shanyang New residential area in Shanyang Town, Jinshan District are busy.Old street is my home, to guard together.Shanyang town shanyang new residential area of the old block, is the town of the earliest old town, to Shanghai more personnel, more elderly.In this round of epidemic, 21 enthusiastic residents living here temporarily established the “Shanyang Old Street autonomous group”, and here the grid members and other nearly 30 people, we unite as one, mutual help, common protection of the region of the party peace.The picture shows “Shanyang Old Street autonomous Group” door to hand out antigen screening items. The picture shows “Shanyang Old Street autonomous group” registration antigen screening situation. The picture shows “Shanyang old Street autonomous group” pushing a tricycle to prepare to hand out materials to residents

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