Spring Festival I work | Ji ‘nan “border guard” Spring Festival in isolation point set up home

“Daughter-in-law, be sure to take good personal protection before work, gloves should be wrapped with tape, pay attention when walking, do not scratch the protective clothing…””Got it. You stopped checking your phone at the isolation point and went to bed earlier. Did you play with Meebo today?Ah, immediately open examination, good night and tomorrow.”At 11 o ‘clock in the evening of January 30, is preparing the ji ‘nan international airport border inspection service Ge Yang received the isolation of her husband Bai Shaojie’s “daily” phone call.Every time Ge Yang implementation of overseas flights border inspection duties, “able to predict” Bai Shaojie will be through the phone in advance like just a few minutes, and video phone has become this pair of epidemic prevention has been on duty in the frontline “double police” husband and wife the most familiar way of communication.Since COVID – 19 outbreak, being outside the input and staff quarantinable epidemic outbreak, immigration border station in shandong jinan boundary checkpoints in strict accordance with the requirements under the State Council and the state administration of immigration epidemic prevention and control work, practice the “7 + 7 + 7 + 7” service model, namely on the policeman on duty within 28 days according to the rotation, isolation, the order of the rest,They were allowed to return home for no more than seven days a month, making the quarantine point their new home during the battle against the epidemic.A bed, a chair, a table, a TV, a wardrobe, this is the ji ‘nan border inspection station service isolation point room in all the facilities, but in each round of “47” service before the opening of the police will bring something to the “new home” decoration, as time goes by, “new home” also more and more have the taste of home.”Live quite well, duty is busy, passenger plane, cargo plane, special plane, charter have, generally from eight or nine o ‘clock in the evening to the next day four or five, come back sleepy, wake up to have a meal is the afternoon of the matter, continue to go up in the evening.Ge Yang said, “When I was isolated, I was quite relaxed. I didn’t like playing with my mobile phone, reading books, doing yoga, making video calls to him (referring to Bai Shaojie) and his children, catching up on sleep and returning to the ‘jet lag’, so that I could spend more time with my children when I had a rest.”Because be not in the same guard on duty team, bai Shaojie, Geyang couple of 2 people “new home” cent was in different floor, rest time also because of service arrangement and not identical, the way that meets most is to stretch out the window head “lie between Windows each other”.Since the “three-member family” can not always get together, the child becomes the topic they talk about most in their spare time.”My son is so cute,” is what the couple often say. According to the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work, they spend most of their time in quarantine, and have little time to spend with their children.May be because of the great maternal love, the little boy was born after the mother Geyang is very attached to it, which makes the father bai Shaojie also a little “jealous”.”After every video call with her mom, She would cry and say she had hung up, and every time I got through she would say goodbye dad after a short while.”Bai Shaojie said with a smile.But there will be some sadness behind the smile.This Spring Festival, according to the normal rotation of duty, a husband and wife isolated, one on duty, the unit considering the “double police” family usually gather less away from more and the child is too young, at the same time to two people put off, the whole family reunion Spring Festival.But they did not accept the unit’s “preferential treatment”, still white armor, rushed to the front line.”There are only two female police officers in our team. If a female suspect needs supervision during the Spring Festival, male colleagues can not be effective.”This is Ge Yang’s reason.”I don’t play a big role at home. I have to be scolded by my mother if my child is not well taken care of. I am still a little excited to live in isolation for 14 days without being managed by others.”This is Bai Shaojie’s explanation.At the end of the year, the slogan of “Warm country, welcome you home” was put up at the port of entry. Bai Shaojie geyang and his wife still stick to the front line of epidemic prevention in the country. In their hearts, they have printed the label of “home” on this ordinary post.New Yellow River reporter: Chai Yingying Correspondent: Shen Tai Editor: Lu Ting

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